Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Anak bujang saya sudah berusia 6bulan.
time flies.
the next thing i knew, anak bujang saya sudah mahu kawen T_______T

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rabu dengan sedikit kata. *voley?*

He turns 4months old yesterday, and still, i havent put up post on his delivery birth story.

Rabu dengan sedikit kata! enjoice...

rambut saya memang kopispes papa saya. ia tebal, ia seperti rimbunan semak samun.

*boring asyik teman mama & papa visit show house. rumahnya tak beli2 lagi. come to me!

*Danny's 1st birthday party. super ohsem with Marvell Superheroes Theme. gigih ko nak cari baju anak beranak suma superman.

and the aftermath. like father like son. dua2 terbongkang tido even majlis still on going. bravooo!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thank You God!

Thank You God

© Shirley J. Stankiewicz

Sent straight from heaven up above
Came an angel for me to love
To hold and rock and kiss good night
To wrap my arms around real tight

To cuddle & nurture and watch him play
To kiss his boo-boo's all away
To keep him safe and warm & count all his toes
To hold the tissue for him when he blows his little nose

To laugh at his jokes, to clap as he sings
To tell him all the joy in my life that he brings
To clean up his play dough, to pull his legos apart
To pin up his drawings and tell him it's art

To watch his first day of school on the bus all alone
To fight back the tears as I make my way back home
To applaud real loud when he's in his first play
To help him with his homework at the end of his day

To adore & cherish and watch him grow
To guide and teach him all that I know
To see him through good times & help him through bad
To share in his happiness and cry when he's sad

To hold him close and be by his side
To watch him through life as my heart fills with pride
To help him with decisions, the best that I can
To know that someday he'll be a fine young man

p/s : Dear darling Baby M, we love you long before you even exist. The long awaiting journey is totally worth it. You complete our life!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm Homeee!!!!

Heyloooo peeps!

Its been months since my last entry. Giler kentang lama tak hapdet bukan.
and where should i start?

1) well, i'm officially a mommeh now. *ehem* *ehem*.
towards the end of pregnancy, i is sangat pemalas nak hapdet belog.
oh tuhan, adakah ke'pemalasan' itu menyebabkan anak dilahirkan dengan penuh drama?
well, our darling munchkin had safely arrived on june 16, 2012 (5 days past due date).
will story morry about the delivery later on. i bet some of u mesti rasa cam tak nak beranak setelah mendengar cerita penuh drama itu. but well, rezeki orang lain2 bukan. and maybe since i'm a part time drama queen, nak beranak pun penuh drama. kahkahkahkah...

Our darling Baby M few hours after delivery!
(rambut masih basah lepas mandi! huh..tak encem)

Given Name : Mir Aydin bin Mohd Hafiz
Mir means Leader and Aydin means Intelligent. Insyallah you will become one Intelligent Leader someday.
Birth Weight : 3.45kg
Birth Date : 16 June 2012
Birth Time : 10:53am
Birth Place : Columbia Asia Hospital, Seremban
Delivery : LSCS (lower segment caesarean section)
Length : 49cm
Head : 34cm
APGAR Score : 9/10

on his 1st month@ nenek houz. berangan ko nak bawak anak amik gambo ala-ala whiteroom photoshoot kat studio. padahal pantang pun tak abes lagi. nevermind, rumah nenek pun jadi la.

taken on his 1st month as well. mama dia kan jenis paksa maksa. hahahaha...
Officially 2months old!

Our 1st raya!
(thanks aunty dayah sebab berjaya mendapatkan baju melayu for Mir at the very last minute. Although kaler lari sikit, but still mengikut tema)

His 1st wedding event. Aunty Anne is getting married! which made us (Papa, baby M & Mama) to flew all the way to the Hornbill Land @2months old.

2) We've moved to another houz. oh yeah! no more bumbung ku lantai mu. and i'm one happy lady sebab takde dah nak meroyan duduk rumah dengar orang rumah atas mengetuk lesung di pagi yang hening itu.
Thanks to darling hubster sebab berjaya mengemas dan memindahkan barang while i'm at my parents crib berpantang.

3) Berpantang was super awesome. tidak lah seterok yg digambarkan. sebab mama i tidaklah strict orangnye. on the 2nd week after delivered, i telah drive sendiri ke rumah makcik urut. ko mampu? kahkahkahkah.. well, makanan berpantang juga best. sehinggakan my 4 yrs old nephew pun sibuk nak makan lauk org berpantang. and another reason i masih belum mendapatkan berat seperti sebelum bersalin T_____T.

4) Our munchkin is such a darling. He doesnt have jaundice at all (Alhamdulillah), he never had colic till this date (and berdoa takkan kena sampai bila2), he never down with any sickness so far and praying hard he wont get it at all. He is really one easy baby. all he wants is mommeh melk and sleep and mommeh melk and sleep and thats it!

5) Im back at the office after the raya leave. actually i was supposed to come back to office on fasting month. but since sending off Baby M to baby sitter house on fasting month doesnt feel right. errr..ekceli, mommeh is not ready part from darling Baby M, so..ehem.. Doctor gave mommeh additional 14 days MC. plus, i delivered via ceaserean which sangat la patut dapat MC (alasangggg).

6) Baby M was taken care by babysitter when i'm away to kantor. Alhamdulillah his babysitter tak nak biasakan baby M with buaian which i,myself pun kalau boleh nak avoid sebab malas nak hurung buai sana sini kalau pergi berjalan. And i hanya bekalkan rocker since baby M sometime will sleep on rocker di siang hari.

7) Baby M is not bottle frenly. He want mommeh melk fresh from the pipe. so mommeh had to tried different bottle to make him one happy baby. at the moment he still accepting mommeh melk from bottle MAM but he doesnt drink as much as he was with me. which also means, goodbye Dr Brown bottle. and elok sangat lah tu. Mama beli samapi 6 bijik bottle Dr.Brown. Nasib bottle MAM tu half of the Dr Brown punya price. Plan nak try Breastflow or NUK bottle. in case this will help baby M punya nefsu minum. but everytime mama balik amik dia, sure menyusu like there is no tomorrow.

till then.. nanti kita sambung lagi... kerja menimbun ni ha.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How i purchase stuff from US websites.

Well, since rmi le plak nanye kat fesbuk cmno I membeli belah dgn jayanya secara maya frm US, jd meh le I buat ala2 tutorial yg tak berapa tutorial ni.

Saya adalah pembeli tegar barangan secara maya. I think semua benda dalam dunia boleh dibeli secara online regardless where you are. Dan I ni plak jenis spesis, kalau dah nak tu, regardless kat mana pun bnde alah tu, I nak jugak beli. I bought stuff frm Hong kong, US and UK before. And use different2 way to purchase. Last time I used to rely on ebay seller yang boleh do worldwide shipment. Memang ada, tapi salunya barang lagi mahal even inclusive the shipment cost. Pastu dia ship using normal post so sometime takde tracking number and may take weeks nak sampai. some did offered ship to malaysia. macam gymboree. but unfortunately, the shipping cost agak mahal i rasa. sebab dia based on your purchase amount and not by qty/weight. and from, they only deliver certain item to malaysia. yang lain, nehiii...

Ini membuatkan si pembeli tegar tidak gembira. Ko Nampak perangai kurang molek ini? Kalau beli barang nak segera sampai. Sebab level kesabaran saya adalah senipis kulit bawang. pastu nak shipping cost semurah mungkin.

That’s when I found my true love. Which is comgateway. Ekceli ada byk je lagi sekufu dgn comgateway ni. But I dah baca byk review and rasanya comagetway ni menepati piawaian.

How to start?

Sonang je. Ko register je kat comgateway. And they will provide you your own US Address. 1 user 1 US address. Based on this US Address yg korng dpt, sila lah membeli belah secara maya secara gembira kat mana2 US websites. And upon checkout, korang masukkanlah US Address korng yg comgateway dah bagi. You can buy as many as you wish from different2 merchants. But only the first 3 shipments je free for consolidation. The additional shipment sampai ke comgateway and kne charge USD1.

I bought from several merchants before. F21, oldnavy & gap (both satu roof. So you can combine either gap or oldnavy in one purchase), zappos, Gymboree, amazon, ebay, etsy, jc penny, and etc (dah lupo!).

Some merchants does accept our local credit card, but some does not. Mcm spanx and kate spade, tak trime ye kad kredit kite. So if you still need to buy stuff from website yg rejek kredit kad mesia wlupun kredit kad ko limit level puluh ribu, you can opt for comgateway punya service which is BuyForMe. Ni dieorg tolong rakyat marhani sekalian yg nak gigih beli jugak but with 10% charge of rege barang.

So, once all your item reach your comgateway punya address, dieorg akan enter dlm system. So korng leh view your account and tau la which item dah sampai kan. Say you buy from 3 different merchants, Amazon, GAP and Sephora. You all can consolidate this 3 shipments which akan jadi lagi murah kalau do the consolidation instead of send ke mesia satu2. Comgateway takkan charge for the first 15days brng you all ada kat warehouse dieorg. After that baru kene charge per day. So better beli serentak all items so leh bajet sampai ke comgateway almost at the same time and leh terus ship to Malaysia.

And from US to Malaysia, dieorg pakai DHL. Sangat reliable. Within 3-4working days je dah sampai. Tu yang I soookak giler.


Ok, there is tax yg kite kne byr to local custom bile bwk brng dr luar mesia. Syarat dia adalah jumlah purchase+shipment not exceeding rm500. I ada baca kat belog somewhere yg she do the open order for Gymboree and share shipments among them. And sadly kena tax. Byk ok. Dlm 10% jugak dr total price.

In my case, I bought stuff exceed rm 1k per shipment, but so far tak pernah lagi kena tax. I tak tau la because I pakai jampi apa ke kan but I guess the trick is like this.

Even I beli item amounting usd400 from gap and oldnavy, I split it into 3 different purchase. 1 purchase not exceeding usd150 la konsepnya. Note: selalunya dieorg offer free shipments within US. Jadi tak kesah la ko split bpe package pun kan?. Then sampai kat comgateway, it will be three different package. And I opt for consolidation. Consolidation ni konsepnya adalah, 3 package ni dikira berat dia sekali. Bukan satu2. So jimat sket kat situ. Sebab insurance and dia terus count weight dia by every subsequent kg. sebab the first 1kg tu yg mahal tu. So when the item reach Malaysia custom,even ko ada 3 package, dieorg akan tengok by package punya declaration form. Since ko dh split tadi, per package just cost like usd150 opkos custom takkan kacau. Kalau satu package ko sampai usd400 mmg la dia akan charge tax, and ko kne gi kastam byr tax. Nampak tak bezenye kat situ? So thts y even I bought stuff exceeding rm1k pn tak kone tax. And another thing, kalau korang beli brng byk2. Misal la kata 30 helai baju dlm satu box, the package size akan jadi besar. And comgateway plak akan caj based on package size or package weight whichever higher. So kang kompom even berat 2kg, but packaging size beso, your shipment price lagi mahal. Thts why its best to split the purchase.

Macam I buat ni :

This is the most recent purchase from oldnavy & gap. Even dr same merchants, I split it into 3. Well, I guess enough for maternity and nursing tops at the moment. Nanti dah bersalin kita sambung balik. And, oh god! Baju baby sgt chomell. Cant wait for the Gymboree!

And look aunty anne! Mama bought me few shirts and jeans for your wedding too. Harap2 muat nak pakai.

Ni ha sape nk sgt tengok my baby bump. Hahahaha.. keji je kan? Tak Nampak sgt pun. Tapi at least korng tak la Nampak bahagian lomak2 kembang2 tu.

Plus! Who ever invented recipe for this durian pancake from Scrumptious Desserts ni memang truly genius. Ahhhh!

Friday, April 13, 2012


I’m huge.

Well, actually huge wasn’t the correct word then.

Its suppose to be gigantic!

I gained total of 10kg as of 31wks. Byk tu weh. Padahal anak baru masuk 2kg. yg lagi 8kg pergi mana? Cuba explain sikit.

My butt and hips is my worst nightmare. Ni kompom klu beyonce or J.Lo tgk nangeh level guling2 nak terjun bangunan. Tu kalau j.lo and beyonce nengok i. tapi kalau I nengok meknusia or gadis2 ramping pakai skinny jeans, tak da rasa nak nangeh pun. Rasa nak pi teruih cekik buang dari tingkat 18. Ko mampu? Jadi jgn jumpa I pakai skinny jeans pastu buat statement I rasa nak lempang “wey..aku naik sekilo weh. Dah gemuk weh”. Tu memang nak buat onar ye.

Well, even dah naik 10kg dan merasakan diri sangat gigantic level raksasa gorgon, doctor O&G yg manis mulut bicara dan lemah lembut itu still cakap “aimi, your weight progress tak banyak ye”. Gulp! Hokay.. dah. Malas nak cakap. I don’t mind being FATTT ASSS while pregnant ni kan, tapi I is superb risau buatnya lepas bersalin, nak turun adalah di perkadaran lembap lepas tu ill die as super gajah sampai orang tak larat nak angkat keranda. Aaaa… ok! Sangat over. Blame the hormones!

Alhamdulillah, minus the weight issue, I’m still one happy mommy to be. Kalau ko jumpa I sebelum ngandung mulut tak berenti bercakap sampai semua org Tanya, ‘eh, time ko cakapkan, bila ko tarik napas ek?’, yes, I’m still that perempuan. I can talk for hours. I still boleh menjelajah shopping mall for 3-4hrs as well. Orang cakap dah masuk 3rd trimester, dah tak larat bla..bla..bla.. well, I beg to be differ. Recent weekend we spent solid 5hrs in midvalley. Ko Nampak? Walaupun I jalan ala-ala penguin kat kutub utara pastu selow semacam sebab bawak muatan berlebihan, tapi still gigih nak merayap. Ok, minus the 2.5hrs sbb tu sesi bersembang, berborak sampai kering tekak, mengumpat, mengeji dan mencerca dengan bestie I oll yg dr zaman matriks. Gigih je 3 3 ni bawak laki. Sorng je x kwen lagi among geng kteorg. Pastu laki2 kteorg ni pun tabah je la menunggu bini2 tak abes cakap.

Well, our Baby M is doing well so far. Kicking and somersaulting like nobody business. Tu tak masuk lagi bila siku dia gesek2. Geli ok geli. Sampai rasa nak terkencing. The recent checkup, our Baby M doing a little stunt and kaki dia reach sampai kat muka. My doctor cakap “oh wow…actif nye baby u yang”. Well, I love my doc. Sangat lembut orangnya and suka panggil org yang. I feeling2 di sayangi. Even kena tunggu like almost 2hrs every checkup, it’s worth it. Laki I cakap, dah rupa gi klinik kesihatan je nak kene tunggu 2jam. Tapi, what to say. She is the famous amos doctor kt somban ni ha. Bukan takde doctor lain, tapi she is the only ISLAM and FEMALE doctor kat somban ni. Which susah nak dapat sebab I nak doc yg sambut my baby memenuhi kedua-dua requirement diatas. Mencari yang halal itu fardhu bukan?

We had decided on our baby name. to be franked, I fell in love with this name even before I was conceived. No, not those nama-anak-bunyi-nama-mat-salleh kind of name. ours is simple, and ada maksud dalam islam. That’s what matter right?

We had problem to decide on which hospitals to deliver our Baby M at first. I love DEMC Specialist in Shah Alam at the first place. When my nephews and nieces admitted at DEMC somewhere last year, I knew right away I want to deliver my baby there too. They had 3 FEMALE & ISLAM doctors. But the issue here is, by the time I nak bersalin nanti, sompek kah sampai ke Shah Alam from Seremban? You never knew bila baby nak keluar. Bukan leh predict unless you opt for c-sect. and the worst part, I may end up driving on my own to the specialist sbb laki jauh. Gigih la kot kan nak drive all the way from seremban to shah alam. *pengsan*.

So, menjadi sedikit realistic, we decided to look for specialist available in Seremban. Well, there are total 3 specialists and numbers of pusat bersalin in seremban. But of course ill remove the pusat bersalin from my list. Based on nasihat orang sekeliling dan pembacaan, I refuse to take risk nak bersalin kat pusat bersalin. Considering the blood bank issue, the equipments available, etc better tak nak take the risk even you had to pay more when you go to big specialist compare pusat bersalin. Specialists in Seremban pun ada 3 je kot yg well known. One is Columbia asia, KPJ and Salam Specialist. And our list makin pendek bila I masukkan 2 criteria penting which is doctor O&G tu must be FEMALE & ISLAM and we end up with Columbia Asia Seremban and did our monthly checkup there. So young man, you better be good and keluar secara normal. So both mama and papa will have extra savings for your educational funds *ok mama tipu, I was considering to buy you a super nice and stylish car seat which your papa against it at the moment. Takut duit nak bersalin tak cukup katanya. Ok, dengar cakap papa. Will hold the cita2 memiliki car seat at the moment. Furthermore, you already had a carrier to use for the first few months nanti*.

At the moment I’m still busy membeli barang for my confinement preparation. Little that I realize I had ZERO kain batik. Oh tidakkk! Can we use yoga pants dalam pantang? Not use to kain batik. How la? Nanti pakai2 terlondeh ke bawah. Cik Bib aka Puan mama against makan jamu2 bagai. She said, nak makan jamu, ubat periuk or whatever it is time dah 3-4mnggu nanti. Awal2 toksah makan. Pastu make sure from reliable source. You never knew apa dia bubuh dalam ubat periuk. And she start talked about her ancient story pasal this fella bla..bla..bla..Passed away after few days deliver because not use to the jamu..bla..bla..scary tak? Ko dengar tu. Mak I ni sgt health conscious. She will tell you millions of way how you can get cancer. Jadi you better listen to what Cik Bib have to say. Mama pesan yg luar2 tu leh la pakai. Like param, pilis, tapel, minyak2 panas etc *eh, minyak type pun dia tak encourage, dia suruh beli balm or losyen type. Even minyak yuyi for Baby M pun not allowed. So she request my aunts yg pergi umrah belikan balm habbatus sauda. Balm is ok, minyak type, no no. tu tak termasuk powder pun tak leh pakaikan baby. Takpe nak, kite lumur losyen byk2. Nanti kompom wangi. Even nak mengurut pun she said tak yah amik straight dua minggu. Amik first 3 days, then selang-selang then nak masuk keje balik sok baru urut lagi. Dia cakap lunyai kang badan asyik kena urut je. Even bertungku, she had her own theory that at the end, she only allow me to have bertungku with batu and not the besi and not everyday! Theory dia sgt scary. I rasa doctor pun impress dgr. So, for internal care, she ask me to get supplements. Longgg list of supplements. We are talking about zinc, b complex, vitamin c, protein, calcium and the list goes on and on. Aiyay capten! Jgn jd anak durhaka. And the best advice from mama, tak payah beli bengkung lilit2 tali banyak2 tu. Dah la nak pakai payah. Kang pakai pagi, pastu nak kencing bukak balik, pastu terus ngelat tak nak pakai. Beli yang Velcro tu je senang. Nak pakai balik lepas kencing ke ape ke leh pakai sendiri. At least pakai! Aaa…takut tak ngn cik bib? Pastu ko jgn nak memandai bangkang dia cakap. She had been there and done that before. Pastu badan ramping dari I ok! Omak den leh pakai baju den, den yo tak leh pakai baju omak den. Ajaib!

Till then,


p/s: hubster when for the 2nd round interview last Monday and received a confirmation phone call from the HR yesterday. Which means, he will be moving to Seremban in soon! One happy mama. Ill take it as rezeki Baby M. Alhamdulillah! Double the joy, double the happiness!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

baby stuff...again!

Last wiken adalah ohsem! wiken je sentiasa ohsem. weekdays semstinye kureng ohsem. termasuk hari esok. sadis dan tragis! hari esok i kena mengharung jam and meeting at another site in One Utama. keji bukan mereka? padahal i yg ngandung. korang la datang this plant. ni i plak nak kena gi office dieorg. bersabarla wahai hati dan anak. kita pikir time lunch sahaja. lunch bersama mereka menjanjikan makanan yg lazat. itu sudah pasti.

well, wiken baru-baru ini one of my closests fren finally engagedddd! yippy! kisah cinta mereka lebih express dr kisah cinta suami dan i. sangat super express until every one was shocked to hear this. she asked me to teman her to go to nilai 3 to buy some stuffs somewhere 3weeks ago without knowing her intention. Being me yang naive dan sangat pelik bin ajaib sehingga melontarkan soalan kurang bijak. "fik, ko ingat nilai 3 tu cam Pavi ke? ko nak beli apa?". then only she told me about her merisik plan which at the end they change to bertunang plan and this guy, they were hooked up within few months and decided to move on to biggie step.
so yes, both mak buyong and cik fik meratakan la jalan kat nilai3 tu.
She is the best buddy to bring out for shopping anyway. we loves to influence each other while shopping and i still in love with her nine west shoe which i forced her to purchase for raya few years back. And well, she owned one of my favorite Marc Jacobs handbag. *i het u*!
Well Popo, pls take care of my good friend.

and wiken tanpa menyiapkan preparation for our bundle of joy adalah sangat tidak lengkap gamaknya.
and looks what Mama finally crossed out from our list :

1) Mattress Set

2. Matching comforter

3) Change nappy/travel mattress.

4) Diapers stacker

5) Laundry Bag

Since i am one fussy makcik, its quite difficult for me untuk menjumpai ready made mattress set for our little one. its either the fabrics design not nice or too kasar or the mattress itself yang sangat nipis macam sebulan dua bulan leh campak ke laut.
tough man tough!
so i was googling online and found several blogs and fb insan-insan kreatip yg menerima tempahan tilam baby.
and i was lucky enough, Ju was able to accept my order. weeeee...
the end result adalah ohsem!
- mattress adalah super thick. kekabu la kan gamaknya. pillow juga sgt fluffy. the fabrics of course sgt ohsem. this fabrics actually from IKEA.
- the matching comforter juga sangat nice. eh, macam i plak teringin nak. walaupun hanya muat cover sebelah tangan.
-change nappy/travel mattress. ni sangat useful kalau nak tukar nappy anak time travel or jenjalan gi mana2 anak nak tido baring kan. its also will be good nak alas dalam stroller nanti. ada tali as you can see at the end of the, nak bawak jalan, just roll the tilam and tied up.
- diapers stacker purposely pilih fabric lain. still animals theme. nak letak all the diapers in. baru kemas sikit.
- laundry bag. Ekceli, ni 1st time Ju buat this laundry bag. since i adalah mak yang ngengade, i request her to make one laundry bag for my little one. i tak nak nanti baju dia bercampur in our laundry basket. and another basket means memakan another space dekat rumah. this one, you masukkan hanger dekat atas tu and you can hang it behing the door or any place at your convenience. there is zipper as well. so nak bwk berjalan pun sonang.

So, if you are interested, sila add Junita Khalid in your fb.
and price she quoted me adalah seperti berikut :

1. set tilam ...rm 220

2. bntal kripap..rm 15

3. cmforter..rm 70

4. change nappy..rm 35

5. diapers stker..rm 40

6. laundry bag..rm 50

however, price ni berbeza based on fabrics you choose. so ni hanya guideline korang je la. maybe your end products yang lebih diva, so harganya kompom la lain kan.

and to Abang DHL, i'm waiting for you! yeayyyy..another order from and on its way all the way frm US. something for mama and opkos for our baby as well.
yg menanya about the maternity attire and nursing tops tu, nanti i review ek. tunggu i try on this round punya attire sekali. sonang sikit.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Stroll 'em.

Dear Darling Baby,

Your dear mama sangat torn now.
guess your mama need to do sembahyang iztikarah.
i cant decide to get which stroller for you.
even though i knew you didnt bother how your stroller looks like, how much the price tag, how stylish it is (even you bother, i dont bother about your opinion anyway. ahhahaha..because IT'S ME who going to push you around with those stroller).
Your dear mama have this very bad habits. mama loveeeeesss stroller. kecintaan terhadap stroller adalah dari sebelum i kahwin lagi.
i always fancy those stroller yg canggih manggih. not because they are expensive, but because they are just ahhhhhhh...uhhhhh..... cantek and stylo.
but being a-soon-to-be-mom, mama need to be realistic. we had to fork up money for your delivery, for the monthly check up, for all your essential items (oh! dont tell your papa that i actually put all non-essential-items list into essential list. thats why i end up stocking up for your shirts and pants even up to 1yrs old. there just too cute. mama cant say no to), and later on, your SSPN fund, your insurance, your Amanah Saham Didik and as well some savings. phewww! if only your dad earned as much as Sheikh Muzapar earned or perhaps even more, i dont mind getting you a Stokke Explory stroller as well. *phew*
Well, your dear papa is kind enough to put aside his year end bonus so he can buy you a stroller. oh, that's mean he wont getting new camera lens for himself and no vacation for us until you pop out (Aunty Anne take note. We bought EXPENSIVE flight ticket for your big day! send the most EXPENSIVE gift for my darling baby later on). Poor papa, you should be nice to him and sleep well through out the night once you are here (eh, ni macam mama punya wish je ni).
Both mama and papa went to countless of baby shop which sells stroller. but none...i repeat, NONE able to take my breath away. well, tipu la totally none. there is one or two stroller mama goes like uhhhh..ahhhh...cantekkkk! but the price tag was another nightmare. gulp! peg perego skate sangat membuat jantung i nak tercabut.
at first, we thought we would like to settle with Quinny Buzz. well at least that particular stroller, have most of the criterias and wallah...our budget as well.
but still... mama no likey 3-wheelers. it does look sturdy but it wasnt come handy when you need to use escalator in the mall and it is pretty bulky. (ke sebenarnya senang? i je yang imagine susah nak handle?)
then? what's left?
sebagai seorang soon-to-be-mom yg gigih. ive googled and read reviews online. and i came out with 4 strollers in my list. ni pun jenuh dah filter nak oi. original list ada 9. and all 4 strollers below is not available in Malaysia. kahkahkahkah...sangat mengada-ngada je omak ni kan nak? but your papa is the coolest dad-to-be. so no worries. "he just said, you decide, nanti i tengok video stroller tu ok ke tak".
all this stroller is available in UK. which in another word, i need to get someone to ship it to malaysia.
but who cares. one happy mama is when i got what i wish for. and i made some comparison for all the four stroller. Some of the brand may sounds alien to you. well, first time for me as well dengar such brand. To be frank, europe countries had wider choices in strollers/pram/buggy compare to US. and seems like US stroller just..hmmm..OVERPRICED!

So this is for your guys reference in case you are in the same position mcm i. (Note : all below strollers is below GBP350.00 during sale as of now. The price is varies depends on the stroller interior as well. You may also consider another additional RM500-800 for the shipping cost.)

And out of 4 in this list, i manage to downsize it to two!
Yeppp! Just two. which is the first two anyway.

My top 2 favorite :

1) Obaby Zezu Pramette (Red Dotty)

*Its red and look! its polka dot. it can switch from pram mode to seat mode in just a blink and does not require extra carry cot nak jadi pram mode. and my baby can sleep as if he was in babycot. so flat!

and wallahhhh! now at the seat mode!

and look aunties! the raincover also came in polka dots.

2) Petite Star Kurvi Match+ (Red)

its still red! still have the same function as Zezu Pramette. Able to convert from Pram to Seat without additional carry cot require. have additional foot muff but who need foot muff in malaysia? ada menggelupoq kepanasan anak kami kalau letak foot muff bagai.

and seriously, mama is torn now! Zezu Pramette is slightly cheaper then Kurvi Match+, but then the downside is Zezu Pramette is slightly heavier than Kurvi Match+. Aiyooo.. how la like this? ok, need to sembahyang iztikarah now.
and my darling cousin which resided in UK will check on how sturdy and how nice this two stroller in real life. she herself also lost track of the strollers available in UK market. Well, i bet with all the baby stuffs around her when she go to the baby shop later on to check the stroller, will makes her to consider baby no.4. hahahahah.. all her kiddos are cute and have the mat salleh genes. if i were her, i dont mind having 7 kids anyway.

p/s: yep..all the three scan (both 2d & 3d/4d scan) showing its a boy. *relief*. kot la tersalah tengok aritu kan. jenuh mak nak kena beli baju pink pulak nanti.

till then.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My new bestfriend!

Ever since approaching 24weeks plus, i've experienced severe back pain and lower back pain.
sakit ok sakit.
i knew its normal in pregnancy to experienced this, tapi i is kenot tahan.
kemungkinan penyumbang terbesar terhadap sakit belakang ini adalah kerana i tend to sit for a very long period di opis. i masuk keje pkl 7.50am balik dalam 7.30-8:00pm. ko cube kire bape lame i dekat opis?
on days yg i duduk kat depan laptop dari datang sampai balik tu dah satu hal, hari yang i kena ke hulu ke hilir, berdiri lamo2, turun naik tangga and pergi buat site visit kat production and outside production tu dah satu hal lagi.

and too bad. i takde suami on weekdays nak tolong urut2kan my back. sedih ok sedih. nak mintak mak urutkan kena la plak membayar tol and minyak. i remembered when my sister pregnant years back, hari-hari suruh kiteorg take turn letak minyak and urut2kan sket belakang dia. from husband, to my mom and even myself pun kena buat. and that time i thought my sister just being manja and ngada-ngada mintak2 urut. yelah, dia kan ibu ngndung.
and now i knew how painful the back pain in pregnancy can be.

finding the solution? exactly! i bought the chair back support. it works. yep! for the first week. itupun time i banyak duduk kat ofis. but when i'm on the move, the pain start bertandang balik. and at night, i hardly can sleep well. sebab rentetan kesakitan di belakang.
and told my sis about this and she asked me to look for maternity belt. she was wearing those for her 3rd pregnancy *this pregnancy maybe tak de orang nak urutkan dia dah since they already moved to their owned house and far from my parents*.

i google around. Actually ada more than hundreds maternity belt out there. giler ko baru sekarang i tau.
i went to my favorite web: fabulousmom and they too sell the maternity belt and the brand is from Oppo.
I really trust this Oppo brand anyway. Few years back when my supermom tried to simpan barang at the cabinet rumah yang belah atas, she fell off from the tangga. u know, cabinet yang built in sampai siling tu kan. comaprtment atas kan tinggi. lepas tu, she asked my dad to simpankan at first, but my dad cakap nanti la dia buat. dah tu ko ingat mak i ni suka tunggu2 orang nak settlekan. she took tangga and climb up and simpan sendiri. and wasnt sure what happen, she fell of from the tangga and her back hit the edge of my katil.
she was rushed to hospital by ambulance. she had terrible back pain ever since. so she was using this Oppo Back Support Belt and it works well! she recovered way faster than doc expectations. giler ko. kalau tak, takde la kiteorg panggil dia Superman. omak den ni suka je buat benda2 thrill ni kan.
Well, Oppo have wide ranges of products, and two of them is the belt support for maternity :

1) Oppo Maternity Belt

2) Oppo Maternity Back Support

i was torn to choose which belt to grab. The 1st belt is almost 50% cheaper than the 2nd belt. and function wise?
den tak tau. so i do not dare to purchase it online until i could try on kedua-duanya. yolah.. kalau dah beze rege dekat 50% mesti la ada sebab musabab tak gitu?
so happen i went to Queensbay the other day and saw this shop selling all the hospitals and medical instruments. and they are carrying Oppo brand as well.
and yep, both type of belt that i was looking was there.
luckily the sales assistant sangat bermurah hati. allow me to try on both and so i knew the difference.
i put on the maternity belt first. yes, its great in supporting your bump. but when i put on the Oppo Maternity Belt support on, perghhhh... the back pain gone in few minutes. seriously! well, secara konklusinye, Oppo Maternity Belt ada extra feature. not just helping in lifting/carrying the bump but as well there is side strap yang leh adjust and as well some sort like tulang belakang to support your back pain.
i love this thing so damn very much.
i can even lari or walk faster with this thing on. seriously, i did a little lari yesterday as i was late for the meeting. dah tu keje kat kilang kot. nak gi one end to another end dah rupa merentas dua bijik padang bola sepak. kang lambat masuk meeting kang malu den.
if you are concern on the belt might himpit the baby or what not, no worry. bila you pakai, actually bahagian depan tu bawah bump you. thats why the function is kind of supporting the bump dari bawah.
frankly, this belt worth every penny!

p/s: for bengkung bersalin, i plan to get one of those abdominal binder from Oppo as well.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Christmas in March!

Semalam adalah hari yang sungguh produktif.
i took the earliest flight from Penang back to this la la land. i' ve spent the weekend at in laws till di hari semalam.
those might be the last flight before saya deliver. dh masuk 28weeks dah. lepas ni tak larat dah kot nak mengharung ke hulu ke hilir naik flight turun naik flight. dah la airport penang under constrcution. macam nak kena sukat satu padang je jaraknya dari departure hall ke gate or dari gate ke arrival hall. semput mak oi. time kasih la staff AA yg super nice membantu saya throught out my pregnancy menaiki katerbang. nak2 staff AA kat penang airport yg lemah gemalai itu. dah la tulisan cantek. cantek je rupa pregnancy declaration form i. nak frame la esok lusa.

right after touch down, i drove all the way to EPF Seremban. dah sampai EPF baru realize tak fotostat ic la, jenuh keluar balik gi fotostat, masuk balik EPF, then gi plak bank. ko tau je la seremban di tengahari sangat hazab. seremban centre ni plak masalah parking boleh buat blood pressure mencanak tinggi.
bukan salu dapat cuti weekdays. time ni la nak settle semua. kalau tangguh2 kang sekali terberanak awal nanti sape nak settle kan?
lepas settle semua, tengok jam dah 1.30pm.
singgah kedai grab roti and yogurt drinks lepas trus je gi KKIA (klinik kesihatan ibu dan anak).
lapar ok. sempat bekfes kat mekdi je sebelum depart pagi tu.
jantung berdebar mcm nak tercabut je bile tunggu result darah.
mati la kalau hb rendah lagi. dah la asyik terlupa je makan ubat for hb ni.
then risau2 gak kena marah berat naik. as of last checkup i gained quite a lot.
selawat banyak2. dalam hati dah kecut perut dah rasa nak pengsan. nak pengsan mak kat klinik tu ha.
alhamdulillah. hb ada sign of improving. weeee... yg recent checkup pun ada peningkatan.
dah la ahkak sebelum turn i tu darah dia tak kuar. sampai dua kali kena cucuk. omaiiii.. i tengok dah dupdapdupdap.. mati la kalau kena dua kali cucuk nak amik darah. ingat tak sakit?
berat jugak ok. hanya gained 1kg dlm masa 4mnggu. terharu mak dengar.
then anther rezeki adalah dpt consultation nurse yg baik.
i plak banyak tanya kat dia. ahahahahha...nurse baik je i banyak tanya. kalau nurse suke bebel2 tu i sengih je cepat2 nak blah. tak kose nyah ni ha kne sekolahkan.
gler gaban penat.

and tak lama lepas sampai rumah...
abang DHL sampai. Oh abang DHL. i lap u till death do us part!

tadaaaaa.. my christmas presents!

ok tipu. christmas present dapat free. ni kena bayar!
well, all four packages all the way from US just took 4 working days to reached me. one happy lady!
giler bukak packages sangat excited ok! padahal dah tau kot apa isi kandungan dia sebab sendiri yang beli.
no..not a Kate Spade Convertible handbag idaman. sebab kate spade punya web super sucks tak leh terime kad kredit selain kad kredit US. durhaka ko kate spade (at least anak i merasa naik stroller kelak. kalau dh beli kate spade, kompom kena postpone lagi tabungan stroller anak).

1) Shuz for both heroes. ok! laki i pun gedik nak kasut macam anak dia. selaku bini yang berhati mulia, belikan la laki jugak sempena eniberseri kiteorg. nasib baik dia tak mintak kasut mahal2. kalau tak mau mak ni tak bernapas nak bayo. apesal anak ada dua kotak kasut, ko jangan tanya. plan to let go the other one sebab time beli, mak rambang mata. ko jangan tanya converse mesia takde ke kasut budak. sebenonye ade, tapi takde size kecik. semua size dia start utk budak dah 4-5 tahun onwards tak silap. ekceli, mak nak belikan kasut ralph lauren. tapi harga agak terkedu. takpe nak, sok lusa bapak dapat bonus, kita mintak belanja ye.

2) yepppp! the baby bjorn carrier. lamo gilo ive been eyeing this carrier. sebelum ngandung lagi i dah tau nak beli carrier ni bile ada anak sok lusa. i memang ober! ekceli, kat mesia ada je jual carrier baby bjorn ni. kat mothercare ada jual Rm399 tak silap. tapi masalahnya, series retro design yg mcm i nak ni takde. cuma yg plain macam anak sheikh muzhaffar tu pakai. selaku seorang emak yg gedik, i nak jugak design retro ni. mmg santek la kaler orange plak tu. 7kilometre orang dah nampak dah.

retro line ni mcm limited edition kot. sebab tu tak sampai mesia. oh anak ku! berjaya gak omak ko membeli. jenuh dah bapak dan omak ko ni kuar masuk baby shop nak cari baby bjorn carrier retro design ni. pastu omak pun give up and beli je la dr US.

3) baby bottles and soothie! apesal gambar taknak betul pun i tak pasti. well, jumlah botol susu anak setakat ini adalah 6botol. harap ini mencukupi and should lasts him for another 6months perhaps before kita tukar ke botol yang lain. well, i wasnt a big fan of Avent. so i opted for Dr.Brown. Dr.Brown plak kat Mesia a bit pricey. you can get 3 bottles in US for the price of 2bottles kt mesia. ekceli kt US, Dr Brown ni amatlah fames ames berbanding Avent. Avent ni i rasa kt UK kot yg fames. Kalau korang tengok Discovery Home & Health (Channel 733), mostly pasal citer orang branak tu i could said, 90% semua pakai Dr.Brown. Dr.Brown ada built in vent to reduced colics. nak pilih susu anak pun kena study weh. bukan main rembat beli because tengok orang lain beli, ko beli. ekceli, botol susu pun ada premium punya level gak. tapi tang tu tak mampu beli la. just harap anak kurang colics la bile minum pakai botol ni. Sebenonye eyeing nak beli baby glass bottle by Dr.brown as well. tapi since not sure sapa nak jaga anakanda tercinta selepas dilahirkan esok lusa, kang makcik jaga ke, nursery tu ke tak nak handle glass bottle mcm mana? sebab dr.brown glass bottle ada protection sleeves yang kena bukak2 time nak strelize, nak panaskan susu etc. kang jatuh berderai plak botol anak omak ni. botol ni pun dah dapat kelulusan incik suami. incik suami jenuh study konsep air-vent ni then baru bagi approval. Kiki Pura bottle tu pun cute. note: cute sebab cantek, bukan ada air-vent controller whats not. tapi kalau yang itu, approval di tolak mentah2. siap bagitau pasal corrosion, bla bla bla..
this soothie (yg kaler ijo tu) pun i baca review sangat bagus. ni pun terpengaruh lepas tengok citer-citer kat discovery home & health. most hospitals kt US provide this kind of soothie for newborn. tapi hanya boleh pakai up to 3mnths. this soothis unlike normal pacifier. this helps in calming the newborn. so far kedai baby yang i jumpa hanya kat the first year, the curve. one pack rm27. tapi since i dah place order for bottle dr US, baik i terus je add in this soothie. baru bape dollar je kat sana.

4) Maternity & Nursing tops. phewww! ini barulah untuk mak. so happen old navy & gap ada sale time 29 feb aritu sebab leap year kejadahnya. so, price adalah sangat menawan. rembat 5helai terus. and sekarang tangan tengah gatal nak place order lagi. nak beli sket lagi baju maternity and baju utk anak jugak. i pening pala nak pakai baju gi opis sekarang ni. how la to kaya like this?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Abang saya kawen!

Maaf lama tidak berbelog.
Biasala, perempuan pura-pura busy.
eh tak! serious saya busy. *muka serious*.
I'm taking over new area. 70% dari tuntutan kerja membuatkan saya berada di sekitar kilang yakni jauhhh dari tempat duduk saya yang selesa itu. eh, tempat duduk i kat opis sangat selesa ok. ada extra pillow bagi memastikan asset saya yg sama darjat dengan asset J.Lo terpelihara dengan jayanya. saya juga mempunyai back support yg awesome yg dibeli hanya rm5 di Daiso Japan. well, i sangat sajeskan back support ni untuk ibu2 ngandung yg bekerja and perlu duduk kat opis lama2. sebab ever since i menggunakan back support, masalah sakit pinggang sangat berkurangan. awesome bukan?

hapdet terkini..

perut membesar bagai juara. bukan sahaja perut, malahan body part yang lain.
total weight gained as of today adalah 7.5kg. kagum bukan?
padahal weight anak tak sampai 1kg lagi dan misal la kata campur berat air ketuban and tali2 pusat what's not another 1kg, yg balance 5kg tu mana datang? lepastu kengkawan start la buat muka terkejut bile jumpa i.
siap tak kenal lagi. emo i ok!
well, pengembangan ala-ala belon udara panas ini membuatkan i separa reluctant to take maternity photoshoot. pffft! *oh tuhan, tabahkan la i*.

my beloved boss telah mendapat kenaikkan pangkat. which in another manner, beliau akan di transfer kan ke another department. sedihh oooo.. dah la boss kesayangan. boss i ni bile tau staff dia peknen bg cekelat hershey's kisses satu bag beso. sebab dia cakap time dia ngandung dulu dia suke makan cekelat. pastu now dia bagi i. baik bukan? dah la pergi sebelum i cuti bersalin. stress hokay stress. kang nak passdown keje kat sape plak ni? new boss? alahai..dia pun masih dalam proses pembelajaran. abes la i. kang nak beranak pun orang asyik call tanya itu ini.

well, february had been super awesome!
its our anniversary. its hubster birthday and thats the month my brother finally get hitched (by the way, mereka sedang menikmati hanimunan di NZ di kala ini. great, i is jeles ok!)

i takde gamba during mejlis kat my side. so i curik below pic from others (inclusive dari the official hall decorator) :

the underlayer sgt fancy bukan? theme of the day is Morrocon. Tapi takde la turn out 100% moroccan. sipi2 pun ok la. kudos tu puan bibah aka mama sebab pilih this theme and kepada diri sendiri sebab sama2 brainstorming.

spot the table clothes? its fancy! sukak!

candy buffet!
the hall entrance! hasil tulisan my kazen, Afrina. nasib la dia terer nak tulis jawi. kalau suruh i, kompom semua orang tak paham.
the wishing tree. behind does hanging cards and doilies paper tu, guest can write down their wish. ni 100% idea and hasil tangan cik puan aimi. yg i hangin, kerusi kat belakang tu apesal la aritu lupa nak suruh orang sarungkan alas dia mcm dalam hall. dah busy, ape pun tak ingat T___T.

i request for polaroid pics from my Angah. those pics during the nikah. since he tak berkesempatan nak amik pics using polaroid camera, they end up print out their nikah pics ala-ala polaroid. halal la. asal adik kesayangan tak merempan sebab tak dapat gamba polaroid.

i takde gamba perantin di hari kejadian. biasa la. adik pengantin pun busy macam mak pengantin. but well, their official wedding picture adalah sangat awesome. nanges babe tengok. ok fine! u oll tak nanges, i je nanges. mcm feeling nak kawen lagi pun ade gak. their official photog is rupajiwa. and here gambar2 yang i berjaya curik.

serious...part veil terapung tu memang nak nanges kejelesan ye. T____T

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