Friday, March 23, 2012

Stroll 'em.

Dear Darling Baby,

Your dear mama sangat torn now.
guess your mama need to do sembahyang iztikarah.
i cant decide to get which stroller for you.
even though i knew you didnt bother how your stroller looks like, how much the price tag, how stylish it is (even you bother, i dont bother about your opinion anyway. ahhahaha..because IT'S ME who going to push you around with those stroller).
Your dear mama have this very bad habits. mama loveeeeesss stroller. kecintaan terhadap stroller adalah dari sebelum i kahwin lagi.
i always fancy those stroller yg canggih manggih. not because they are expensive, but because they are just ahhhhhhh...uhhhhh..... cantek and stylo.
but being a-soon-to-be-mom, mama need to be realistic. we had to fork up money for your delivery, for the monthly check up, for all your essential items (oh! dont tell your papa that i actually put all non-essential-items list into essential list. thats why i end up stocking up for your shirts and pants even up to 1yrs old. there just too cute. mama cant say no to), and later on, your SSPN fund, your insurance, your Amanah Saham Didik and as well some savings. phewww! if only your dad earned as much as Sheikh Muzapar earned or perhaps even more, i dont mind getting you a Stokke Explory stroller as well. *phew*
Well, your dear papa is kind enough to put aside his year end bonus so he can buy you a stroller. oh, that's mean he wont getting new camera lens for himself and no vacation for us until you pop out (Aunty Anne take note. We bought EXPENSIVE flight ticket for your big day! send the most EXPENSIVE gift for my darling baby later on). Poor papa, you should be nice to him and sleep well through out the night once you are here (eh, ni macam mama punya wish je ni).
Both mama and papa went to countless of baby shop which sells stroller. but none...i repeat, NONE able to take my breath away. well, tipu la totally none. there is one or two stroller mama goes like uhhhh..ahhhh...cantekkkk! but the price tag was another nightmare. gulp! peg perego skate sangat membuat jantung i nak tercabut.
at first, we thought we would like to settle with Quinny Buzz. well at least that particular stroller, have most of the criterias and wallah...our budget as well.
but still... mama no likey 3-wheelers. it does look sturdy but it wasnt come handy when you need to use escalator in the mall and it is pretty bulky. (ke sebenarnya senang? i je yang imagine susah nak handle?)
then? what's left?
sebagai seorang soon-to-be-mom yg gigih. ive googled and read reviews online. and i came out with 4 strollers in my list. ni pun jenuh dah filter nak oi. original list ada 9. and all 4 strollers below is not available in Malaysia. kahkahkahkah...sangat mengada-ngada je omak ni kan nak? but your papa is the coolest dad-to-be. so no worries. "he just said, you decide, nanti i tengok video stroller tu ok ke tak".
all this stroller is available in UK. which in another word, i need to get someone to ship it to malaysia.
but who cares. one happy mama is when i got what i wish for. and i made some comparison for all the four stroller. Some of the brand may sounds alien to you. well, first time for me as well dengar such brand. To be frank, europe countries had wider choices in strollers/pram/buggy compare to US. and seems like US stroller just..hmmm..OVERPRICED!

So this is for your guys reference in case you are in the same position mcm i. (Note : all below strollers is below GBP350.00 during sale as of now. The price is varies depends on the stroller interior as well. You may also consider another additional RM500-800 for the shipping cost.)

And out of 4 in this list, i manage to downsize it to two!
Yeppp! Just two. which is the first two anyway.

My top 2 favorite :

1) Obaby Zezu Pramette (Red Dotty)

*Its red and look! its polka dot. it can switch from pram mode to seat mode in just a blink and does not require extra carry cot nak jadi pram mode. and my baby can sleep as if he was in babycot. so flat!

and wallahhhh! now at the seat mode!

and look aunties! the raincover also came in polka dots.

2) Petite Star Kurvi Match+ (Red)

its still red! still have the same function as Zezu Pramette. Able to convert from Pram to Seat without additional carry cot require. have additional foot muff but who need foot muff in malaysia? ada menggelupoq kepanasan anak kami kalau letak foot muff bagai.

and seriously, mama is torn now! Zezu Pramette is slightly cheaper then Kurvi Match+, but then the downside is Zezu Pramette is slightly heavier than Kurvi Match+. Aiyooo.. how la like this? ok, need to sembahyang iztikarah now.
and my darling cousin which resided in UK will check on how sturdy and how nice this two stroller in real life. she herself also lost track of the strollers available in UK market. Well, i bet with all the baby stuffs around her when she go to the baby shop later on to check the stroller, will makes her to consider baby no.4. hahahahah.. all her kiddos are cute and have the mat salleh genes. if i were her, i dont mind having 7 kids anyway.

p/s: yep..all the three scan (both 2d & 3d/4d scan) showing its a boy. *relief*. kot la tersalah tengok aritu kan. jenuh mak nak kena beli baju pink pulak nanti.

till then.




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