Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Maria, i bizi ok.

Frens used to ask, "hows life after marriage?"
jawapan cepu emasnya adalah : bliss!

but even though being a wifey itu sangat menggembirakan hati, tapi i still missed all the wedding preparation chaos, all the hectic moments, sungguh tragis sampai tetibe give up nak tunda kawen, all the figures yang hari-hari ko nak kena kira sebab risau tak cukup duhet yang tak pernah lebih asyik kurang je. i miss those love-hate moment badly!

and luckily my eldest bro will get married in very soooooon! at least i can experience almost 30% of the whole wedding experience rite?

so, what i've been up to recently?

.... stamping on the so-called-thank-u-tag for the wedding favor!
pls tell me the rubber stamp design is niceeeee. i had made around 10 different design for the rubber stamp and this is the only design approved by my Mama. (good job aimi, pat on my very own shoulder).
*and pls dont ask me why my bro have those mat salleh konon2 name. ask my mama. dah tu nama i punyela melayu kan? ini tidak adilll!

tadaaaa... and hundreds more to go! T____T
yeah, i know, its like another half year to go till the wedding, but both Mama and i just being excited.


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