Wednesday, October 20, 2010

pindah dan lagi?

i loose the bet. bet between my hubby and i.
hubby will not move down to seremban or any place nearby.
they offered him something above our expectation.
pretty sad..but promise are meant to be kept.
good news for him but not so good to me.

yep..ill be moving back, the place like no other, NORTH!
its not that i dont love living at the north. but, its just way too far from my parents and not much furniture shop up to my liking *ahhaha..apekah alasan furniture shop ni?*
plus, ill be missed most of the family events. dh duduk jauh2 takkan nak balik on weekdays night plak kan?
ill be missed most of the weekend at my parent's crib.

but its true, tempat isteri adalah sentiasa di sisi suami.
i should followed Effi's footstep. berada di samping suami tersayang.
err..anyway i yet to find any job in NORTH. hopefully i manage to find one and can paid me as much as they paid my hubby. ahahha... nampak sangat cemburu bukan? but i dont think so la. maybe i just sapu whatever job yang ada. cant be too choosy else tak dapat kerja lagi susah T_____T
pls pray soooo hard for me. semoga saya mudah mendapat kerja seperti mana saya mendapat kerja di dua company sebelum ini. juga, harap2 mendapat gaji yang setidaknya sama dengan gaji sekarang. waaaa! tak mo gaji lagi sket. i pengsan!!!

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