Thursday, December 8, 2011

hello 2nd trimester.

Dear Abandoned blog,

deeply sorry on being MIA. blame the workloads and so does the hormones.

i'm at 2nd trimester now. Alhamdulillah! Being pregnant with hubster hundres miles away is the most challenging experience ever! *nada serious*.
ko muntah, ko lap sendiri, ko basuh sendiri. ko ngidam, ko cari sendiri makanan. kalau tunggu laki, weekend kang bru ko merasa.
jiwa harus kental, mental dan body juga harus tough.

Though i'm already at 2nd trimester, the all-day-sickness still kicking but not as frequent or as bad as when i was in 1st trimester. the 'muntah' is lesser and more bearable now.
at 14weeks, saya adalah pembenci tegar nasi lemak dan sambal tumis. ko mampu? padahal dulu sebelum ngandung, every wiken bekfes harus la nasi lemak. even ahkak rumah atas masak sambal tumis, berbakul2 i menyumpah dlm hati. the smell itself membuatkan i loya.
jeruk and asam juga is my nightmare. when everyone enjoy eating those masam-masam thing during pregnancy, my tekak just cant take it. weird huh?
i hardly makan nasik now. once or twice a week is more than enough.
i've become more picky with foods. tekak hanya nak spagethi, lasagna, burger, cheesy wedges, macaroni cheese and anything to do with cheese. ko mampu? kalau anak esok keluar mata biru and rambut blond i tak terkejut la sangat.

Buku merah masih belum di buat. in case some of you yg masih lagi wonder what is buku merah, buku merah adalah buku rekod kesihatan ibu dan anak. so much drama at the klinik kesihatan senawang last week which membuatkan i give up dan tak bersedia nak buat lagi. i didnt plan to deliver in gomen, however, due to cakap-cakap orang "in case of something happen and without buku merah hospital gomen tak terima you as patient" membuatkan jantung i tak tenang. err, means I had to do check up both at gomen and private to be on the safe side.
even though per appointment at the private will easily reach up to rm150+, but compare the hassle and masa yg terbuang, its truly worth it. seriously, i had appointment with my O&G every two weeks until i reached 2nd trimester. ko kire je bpe byk kne byr if every appointment cost rm150+. no, its not that i had complication or whats not (alhamdulillah so far takde), but knowing my working pressure, working environment, the fact that i was staying on my own on weekdays and travelling here and there almost every weekend, my O&G suggested that its best to monitor my pregnancy in every 2weeks. consider closely monitor la kan.

the recent visit to O&G adalah sangat taching wa cakap lu. our baby are busy scratching its back dan melakukan lompatan setempat. *nak nanges tengok ni weh*
"wow..your baby is very long. its seems full"*refering to space in my womb. err.. the doc mention about the baby size which is two weeks ahead the actual age. gulp! so, the doc request to take supplemen in alternate days. takut baby over stimulate kot la kan with the supplemen. padahal, the only supplemen yg i makan pun folic acid, spirulina and susu je pun. maybe should skip drinking milk. hahahhaha... no wonder my baby bump is showing now and everyone seems notice on my bump or maybe sebenarnya dieorg ingat i buncit T____T.

the heartburn is the biggest turn off. sumpah rasa sangat annoying nak nanges whenever heartburn mengganggu. and again, my O&G is my superhero. he ask me to try on spirulina. Seriously, spirulina works wonder to cure the heartburn. and yet, its natural! else, i was a bit worried nak telan gaviscon dan seumpamanya. sebab it still consist of ubat which is also chemical kan? ke i je overreact?

will cerita about how i find out i was pregnant in next post. ini janji kosong. bukan janji sumpah sehidup semati. jadi kalau berkesempatan i cerita ye.

till then,
hugs and kisses!

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