Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The third year!

Three years ago, on this date, after 2months of :

Hang outs

Watching movies


and bowling,

You finally have the gut to ask me whether I’m serious into this relationship. Phewww~!

and here we are, counting and marking on our 3rd years as a couple.

Thank you, for accepting me the way I am

Thank you, for ‘handle me with good care’

Thank you, for loving me this much

And above all Thank you, for taking me as your wife.

I know I’m far from perfect. I wasn’t that-soft-type-lady, I always have this 360 degree unpredictable mood, I loves sulking and complained things, I’m bossy (sometimes! Heh..denial), and I’m a big spender (not just on my own money, but as well as your money too).

My dear hubby,

You are the ying for my yang,

You are the ping to my pong,

You are the normalize for my craziness.

And you complete me!

p/s: dikesempatan ini, I juga ingin memberitahu, remember the makeup brush set that we ordered through Amazon.com? anyway, after we place that order, I ‘accidentally’ add in additional 3 more brushes. Don’t blame me! after I place the brush set (which I did infront of you anyway), I just come to realize that the set I’ve ordered doesn’t come with the foundation brush, concealer brush and also eye shadow brush (err..the set just come with this angled eye shadow brush, so, angled eye shadow and eye shadow brush is different right?). I know, I know, even you tried to convince me “you are pretty even without makeup” I’m not going to buy it anymore. I’m into aging process and I need makeup. Even though I don’t feel like wearing it in soon, but, who doesn’t need make up brush right? Maybe three years from now I may need it right? oh! i know you will say yes or at least nod your head kan? plus, we also ordered a new perfume bottle for you right? So thoughful of me kan? though it will charge to your account anyway.

P p/s : happy ramadhan y’all! Sorry, been busy with the new ongoing project. Oh em geeee…pls remind me next year how terrible a project could turn my life into. I’m turning into a monster now.

Signing off with Million of kisess,

Your wife.


This is our very 1st pix together. awww...

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