Saturday, October 24, 2009

luahan hati seorang brides 2 be

Can i resign from my own wedding preparation? I’m tired and sick’s with all the wedding preparation. Mentally and physically exhausted. I love the preparation but yet at the same time i hate it. As the ticker getting closer to the wedding date, suddenly i felt like suffocated and chocked. I hate this. Damn hate this. Why i can’t just be like incik tunang? Cool and relax as if nothing to be bothered about? The wedding preparation had ruined my focus on my job as well. Browsing webs thinking of the pelamin, videographer etc. And above all, the worst part is, both i and incik tunang keep on arguing on the wedding favors and all the bende remeh-temeh and hell, it is s*cks!!! Wedding prep ni leh jd kan org separuh gile. Ade ke org msk tanjung rambutan sbb buat wedding prep? I’ll be the first then. How i wish incik tunang could understand me better during this crtitical period. If i could fire someone from my wedding preparation community, the 1st person would be my own incik tunang. Ahahhaha....(mintak ampun propaganada semata-mata) Seriously, his progress for the whole wedding stuff for his side is super relax. Unlike me! The wedding gap between my side and his side is only one week and he pretends as if the gap will be more than a month. So, sememangnya saya, when it comes to the no-plan-or-i’m-not-sure situation, saya akan diserang satu penyakit ala-ala lembu gila yg dpanggil panicked attack. So, bile penyakit ajaib ini muncul, tentunya incik tunang yg akan jadi bahan dan mangsa leteran. Conclusion? We will end up arguing and bila dh incik tunang malas nak dengar, he will just said “em..ok la..buat je la mcm u cakap”. Ok!!! Jawapan yg sgt tak membantu. Yg sgt tak constructiveapekah betul ayat ini? Saya sangat marah. Marah with the everything. And at this point of time, how i wish i could postpone my wedding date. Saya sgt demotivated with the whole things. Pls somebody help me and ‘kutip’ me from drowning in the drain. I need all the help and motivates in the world so that i can cope with my wedding prep. The worst part about my wedding itself is..........the wedding is the day before the valentine. And guess what? All the fresh flower could hit 3x higher than usual price. Apekah ini? Nooooooooo!!!! I hate artifical flower.

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