Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My new bestfriend!

Ever since approaching 24weeks plus, i've experienced severe back pain and lower back pain.
sakit ok sakit.
i knew its normal in pregnancy to experienced this, tapi i is kenot tahan.
kemungkinan penyumbang terbesar terhadap sakit belakang ini adalah kerana i tend to sit for a very long period di opis. i masuk keje pkl 7.50am balik dalam 7.30-8:00pm. ko cube kire bape lame i dekat opis?
on days yg i duduk kat depan laptop dari datang sampai balik tu dah satu hal, hari yang i kena ke hulu ke hilir, berdiri lamo2, turun naik tangga and pergi buat site visit kat production and outside production tu dah satu hal lagi.

and too bad. i takde suami on weekdays nak tolong urut2kan my back. sedih ok sedih. nak mintak mak urutkan kena la plak membayar tol and minyak. i remembered when my sister pregnant years back, hari-hari suruh kiteorg take turn letak minyak and urut2kan sket belakang dia. from husband, to my mom and even myself pun kena buat. and that time i thought my sister just being manja and ngada-ngada mintak2 urut. yelah, dia kan ibu ngndung.
and now i knew how painful the back pain in pregnancy can be.

finding the solution? exactly! i bought the chair back support. it works. yep! for the first week. itupun time i banyak duduk kat ofis. but when i'm on the move, the pain start bertandang balik. and at night, i hardly can sleep well. sebab rentetan kesakitan di belakang.
and told my sis about this and she asked me to look for maternity belt. she was wearing those for her 3rd pregnancy *this pregnancy maybe tak de orang nak urutkan dia dah since they already moved to their owned house and far from my parents*.

i google around. Actually ada more than hundreds maternity belt out there. giler ko baru sekarang i tau.
i went to my favorite web: fabulousmom and they too sell the maternity belt and the brand is from Oppo.
I really trust this Oppo brand anyway. Few years back when my supermom tried to simpan barang at the cabinet rumah yang belah atas, she fell off from the tangga. u know, cabinet yang built in sampai siling tu kan. comaprtment atas kan tinggi. lepas tu, she asked my dad to simpankan at first, but my dad cakap nanti la dia buat. dah tu ko ingat mak i ni suka tunggu2 orang nak settlekan. she took tangga and climb up and simpan sendiri. and wasnt sure what happen, she fell of from the tangga and her back hit the edge of my katil.
she was rushed to hospital by ambulance. she had terrible back pain ever since. so she was using this Oppo Back Support Belt and it works well! she recovered way faster than doc expectations. giler ko. kalau tak, takde la kiteorg panggil dia Superman. omak den ni suka je buat benda2 thrill ni kan.
Well, Oppo have wide ranges of products, and two of them is the belt support for maternity :

1) Oppo Maternity Belt

2) Oppo Maternity Back Support

i was torn to choose which belt to grab. The 1st belt is almost 50% cheaper than the 2nd belt. and function wise?
den tak tau. so i do not dare to purchase it online until i could try on kedua-duanya. yolah.. kalau dah beze rege dekat 50% mesti la ada sebab musabab tak gitu?
so happen i went to Queensbay the other day and saw this shop selling all the hospitals and medical instruments. and they are carrying Oppo brand as well.
and yep, both type of belt that i was looking was there.
luckily the sales assistant sangat bermurah hati. allow me to try on both and so i knew the difference.
i put on the maternity belt first. yes, its great in supporting your bump. but when i put on the Oppo Maternity Belt support on, perghhhh... the back pain gone in few minutes. seriously! well, secara konklusinye, Oppo Maternity Belt ada extra feature. not just helping in lifting/carrying the bump but as well there is side strap yang leh adjust and as well some sort like tulang belakang to support your back pain.
i love this thing so damn very much.
i can even lari or walk faster with this thing on. seriously, i did a little lari yesterday as i was late for the meeting. dah tu keje kat kilang kot. nak gi one end to another end dah rupa merentas dua bijik padang bola sepak. kang lambat masuk meeting kang malu den.
if you are concern on the belt might himpit the baby or what not, no worry. bila you pakai, actually bahagian depan tu bawah bump you. thats why the function is kind of supporting the bump dari bawah.
frankly, this belt worth every penny!

p/s: for bengkung bersalin, i plan to get one of those abdominal binder from Oppo as well.

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