Tuesday, September 27, 2011

pirate mata satu!

If some of you in my fb fren list, sure you guys are aware of me being Jack-Sparrow-wannabe or at least that what my hubster called me. Heh.. dia cakap I can starring in the next Pirate of Carribean. Ko ada noks mata tutup sebelah macam i?

So, the drama started more than a month ago. My eyelids start swollen on last week of fasting month. I went to one of the Ophthalmology clinic downtown SP. So the doc tell me the swollen was big and require removal aka minor surgery. I nebes noks. Surgery means a lil cut and blood and pain. So I request the doc to give me a day to think about it since time tu kasut raya laki I tak cari lagi. After the visit we went to Penang. Nak cari kasut raya laki I la kan. Time tu tak nak pikir sangat about the eyelids. Malas nanti I takde mood nak beli barang.

The next day, I felt berat hati je nak do the procedure, so we went to another Ophthalmologist for 2nd opinion. Well, its always best to go for the 2nd opinion kan? So the doc tell me I have to option either to take the antibiotics and pray hard the swollen will subside, or we had to take option no.2 which also the removal. Ofkos I ni nak try something less painful. So I opt for the antibiotics. I was on that antibiotics for almost a week. The swollen was smaller but not 100% subside. And raya came. Dah tu, I pun tak berapa nak pikir about my eyelids thing. Sebab its not painful after all. Its just like a numb growth,u noe, yg macam kematu je dekat situ. But last week, the growth start to give me tough time. Dia mcm heavy je. Bukak mata pun stim je sebelah sebelah tak boleh bukak sepuas-puasnya.

I went back to Sg Petani on recent weekend and was on leave on Monday. I met another Ophthalmology at the Specialists Hospital nearby my in law’s house. Jeng..jeng..jeng..sure the doc suruh I do the removal. As the growth is big from acceptable size *size yg kecik tak payah removal I rasa*. The doc give me two options to admitted in the hospital after removal or I may bed rest at home. Since the admission procedure to hamik masa, I opt for outpatient which mean balik rumah after the procedure.

Well, memula nak masuk tu I ok je. Berani. Siap tak bagi laki teman masuk lagi. Sebab I tau laki I ni stok ngeri gaban. Kang doc tak sempat nak buat apa-apa dia dah pengsan tengok jarum. Tak pasal2 nurse-nurse tu nak settlekan laki I dlu plak.

Since the doc is a muslim, I rasa sangat tenang when he recites the doa in every step he took.

Well, can you imagine the pain kena bius dekat area eyelids? Not once but thrice or 4 kali. I cant recall the 3rd and the 4th time since the pain for the 1st and 2nd injection tu sangat buat I traumatized. Though the doc bgtau I a lil pain and ask me to selawat, but cer imagine injection depan bijik mata. Waaa! Kompom baca selawat dalam hati pun terabur. Well, this is the not the first operation, but this is the most traumatized one since I Nampak injection like less than 2cm dr bijik mata i. sobsobsob…

Lepas kena bius tu, the doc clamp my eyelids and flip it. Macam eyelids tu terbalik la now. Omaigod! Sungguh nyilu and I cant stop my tear. Asyik meleleh-leleh.habis basah tepi2 mata and the nurse keep on wipe it off. I think the procedure beside injection bius tu tak la begitu painful, tapi bile dengar kelentung kelentang to lagi I nebes ok. In my two previous surgery, I was 100% unconscious. So macam tak de dengar benda alah compare to this minor procedure. So I tak la rasa nebes sangat.

And taraaaa…..

Laki I ngeri tengok bini dia mata satu and the darah on the eyes bandage and so does on my tudung. Hubster mintak i to stay overnight in hospital afraid there will bleeding tengah malam kang. Ofkos I tak mo admitted kan, bek I ddk rumah in law bersenang lenang.

So as result, ill be on medical leaves for one week y’all. But, masih lagi kena working from home. Tapi tak kisah la, I log in at 9am ke 10am. Asalkan I buat keje I kan.

Well, as promised before, let me start with what a basic makeup one should owned.

Seriously, dalam donia mekap ni there is no such rules and regulation. Takde pun salah kalau ko pakai eyeshadow as blusher ke or sewaktu dengannya. But just nak bagi u guys a basic guideline what u shud owned for start based on my findings.

Well, before you guys put on your makeup, its best that you do the essential-trio. You got me right? Cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin. Once this essential-trio siap, you may proceed with “hello gorgeous!”. So this is makeup gadgets I think you should owned to have those flawwwwlesss makeup results.

1. Face Primer

2. Concealer

3. Foundation

4. Loose Powder

5. Eye shadow based/Eye primer

6. Eyeliner

7. Mascara

8. Lippy

9. Blusher

10. Face spray/mist or whatever people may call it.

1. Face primer.

Why you need face primer? – A face primer is one of the best ways to insure your makeup stays on longer. They pamper the skin and create a protective barrier. Primers are excellent for people with combination to oily skin. Just apply after moisturizer and let it sink into the skin for a few minutes, and carry on with your regular foundation routine.

So, basically primer ni bertindak untuk hold your foundation. So your foundation will stay much longer, wont cakey or chalky and at least tidak luntur very soon. Its very good to use untuk org mesia. Sebab cuaca kat mesia cepat buat kita berpeluh and foundation wont last that long. Dah tu takkan asyik2 nak tempek foundation setiap sejam kan?

What I used? – Currently I’m using NYX HD Primer. For the price I paid, this primer was totally awesome. It holds my foundation the longest possible around 6-7hours. Remember my raya drama? I tried to put on again my Maybelline Foundation together with this primer. The results? I change my mind as the foundation won’t that bad. At least it last longer that before.

My wish list – of course I planned to own one of those so famous Lauria Mercier foundations. But not until I’m pro to put on the makeup gadjets la kan. So next in my wish list is Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder. This monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder is not design for face primer. It’s actually dedicated for relief & Prevents Chafing on skins. But due to the ingredients used in this Monistat is actually the same ingredient use in those high end face primer. You heard me girls! So, that is the reason why this monistat is used for face primer and ramai gilos mekap guru kat youtube in love with this product.

Where you can get it? No, this wasn’t available in drugstore at Malaysia. So as alternative, you may purchase this from most-of-Malaysian-girls-life-savior, Ryan : http://sgdrugstore.com/

Well, Ryan doesn’t just sell those items available at his web; he also takes order for others stuff as well. I just placed order for another 3 more makeup brush and brush shampoo from him sebab that day lupa nak beli when my fren was in state. Ko ingat meknusia je pakai shampoo?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A or B?

I’m torn between A or B.

Bukan kekasih A atau kekasih B. mahu kena silambam dengan Incik Suami ke nak torn between kekasih A atau kekasih B plak kan.

But, between option A or option B.

I was offered to be involve in the new project. Weh, project lagiii? Sungguh lemau mendengarnya. The project period is around 6 months. Oh tidakkkk! Lama gilos. Kompom rasa nak muntah darah lagi lepas ini. *puke* *puke*

But the bright side is, the project will take place in China and US. Means, 3months in China and another 3 months in US. Part 3 months China tu I tak de la heran sangat. Sebab China kot. Nak makan pun susah kat area tu nanti. But the 3 months in US sangat mengugat jiwa i. err… weekends at the branded outlets? I mahu pengsaaaaaaaannnn. Plus, the $$$$ offered juga maha gembira.

Well, of course I’m smiling from ear to ear when I was told about this assignment. Gilo kau tak hepi kan. Tapi, 6months without hubster? Can I survive? Jumpa tiap-tiap weekend pun drama air mata masih ada walaupun almost 2 years cenggini. But 6months without him? Will he be okay? Will he miss me badly? And 6 months ‘berpuasa’. Dah la now pun puasa on weekdays kan. Sobsobsob..

Waitttt! Ofkos every nice thing comes together with the extra baggage. The worst part is? I’ll be bonded for another 2 years. Gulp! 2 years lagi? Oh tidaaaaakkkk.

Hubster was fine with this arrangement. I mean, he was fine with the idea I need to be out of countries for 6months and the bonded things. Well, he will missed me (he said so), but its something to do with the career path and all those experience which can help me to demand moreeeee salary in future. Eh, sungguh mata duitan!

But I think enuf is enuf. Means cukup2lah almost two years kiteorang kutub utara kutub selatan. Another two years to go? Gulp! That’s it. The damage is done. We need to start to focus on having our family in soonnnn. Like, real soon ok. Nanti kengkawan anak dah berderet empat, I baru terhegeh-hegeh nak preggy whats not.

And back to square, to lose something is to gain something else. Bonded for another two years is totally not worth it walaupun I bisa bergumbira di Negara berhawa sejuk, dengan gaji tak affected plus with the overseas allowance (masyuk kot kan lepas abes 6months tu), and the increment after the project if successfully meet the mile stone goal. But those can’t beat when I able to leave the company bila tiba masanya (eh, I dah tau dah masanya. March insyallah!), hubster and I can spend every single minute in our little tiny condo until god-know-when, we can focus on baby makings, and no more endless weekend trips north-south. And finally I’ll be abled to keep my travelling bag out of our eyesight. Poor my little travelling bag! Every week tak pernah miss untuk berkhidmat for me.

But still, I’m torn. I know I should turn down the offer. I know I should keep my decision firm. But, I’m just human, tempted with all the nice to have things. Errr..like nice to stay in US right? Even just 3months. Hahahahaha.. maybe I’ll be able to cuci mata and finally grab that Marc Jacobs ive been eyeing for months aight? And all the shopping stuff. Plus the x'mas will be coming in soon. Sure banyak saleeee kan?

Shuh..shuh..syaiton nirrajim! Hope Allah tabahkan hati I. menghalang all those godaan syaitan to accept the offer. and this is actually the 2nd time boss had asked me to consider this offer. phew!!

Ni baru hallllfff of our book hauls at MPH Warehouse Sale. heaven ok heaven bila tengok buku mure-mure. macam tak keruan i. sila la sila sale buku selalu ye. Book paling atas tu tak yah nak sebarkan gosip liar. tu persediaan untuk one fine day nanti. paham? beside buku "home repair" and "lonely planet thailand" the rest to semua my booookkkk. Hubster gigih nak DIY some of our house projects.
Till then!

Adios amigos.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cik Cawan Bulan

orang kampung i kata, "prektis mek perfek".
so after beberapa prektis ngeri, tragis tapi takde la sampai end up dekat Emergency Room spital pun.
i'm proudly to announce, i adalah pengguna menstrual cup paling gembira!
apesal i tak tau menstrual cup ni dari dulu lagi?

memperkenalkan cik cawan bulan saya yang masih suci ketika ini.

i sebenarnya dah bertahun tahun-tahun tahu how unhealthy our sanitary pads is.
chemicals, long term effect and not environmental friendly.

On average, one woman will use over 11,000 tampons or pads in their lifetime, which will end up in landfill or in the sea.

The next option is Cloth Menstrual Pad. Tapi, Cloth Menstrual Pad pulak macam agak leceh untuk orang pemalas macam i.
nak basuh la, kalau travel, nak kena gulung and simpan bawak balik. macam oh malasnya!

and recently i bump into this Menstrual Cup.
ekceli, menstrual cup ni adalah beberapa cap kat market. the one i beli adalah cap Mooncup from UK.

Cik Senah, haruslah menstrual cup i made from obersi. baru kelassss gitu.

ahahhaha..ekceli menstrual cup ni takde kot lagi made in local. semua dr Germany, UK or US.
setelah membaca review beberapa different brand, i decided nak try Mooncup ni. beli online ye. sebab kat Personal Store takde benda alah ni. There is different material use for different menstrual cup. so thats why rege setiap cup adalah berbeza-beza. Mooncup & Lady Cup ni consider at high side jugak sebab material dia guna. My Mooncup cost around RM 110.00. Lady Cup dlm RM 145.00. Perlu diingatkan, this is lifetime investment. Menstrual Cup adalah bercirikan re-usable. hang masukkan, hang remove, buang the darah, hang wash balik the cup, hang wipe off and hang masukkan balik. and cycle goes on and on and on sampai habes period. ngerrtiii? bukankan ia sungguh eco-friendly dah sungguh economi bukan? Unless you have delivery via vagina, so maybe after delivery your vagina size sedikit besaq, then only you need to repurchase for the bigger size menstrual cup to suit you. yep! menstrual cup ada size. tapi ni bergantung kepada cap menstrual cup tu. macam mooncup ada dua size je. size muda belia tak pernah dan tak beranak secara normal atau size satu lagi adalah lebih usia dan yang pernah beranak secara normal.

Why i beli cap Mooncup?
Sebab Mooncup ni made from soft medical grade silicone, the Mooncup is latex-free and contains no dyes, BPA, toxins or bleaches. It’s also great for women with sensitive skin.

I ni sensitive to latex. so anything to do with latex adalah big no no no.. errr..camne nak tau? suruh laki hang try pakai condom. then hang tau la hang allergic ke tak. err..am i too details here?

Plus, Mooncup ni pun banyak good review. so, here we go. place the order and yes! sampai on the very next day.

the first impression when i opened up the parcel is ....
auwwww! besaq nya.. lagu mana nak buh ni. and a bit the cup a bit firm.
gusar la hati ni. camno nih..camno nih...
gugle balik tenet..
the tips is, hang strelize dulu benda alah ni (memang sebelum pakai kena strelize. tapi tak la every time hang nak strelize kan. lepas one cycle baru strelize) boil dalam air panas macam strelize teats and bottle baby.
lepas tu baru a bit soft. and bila nak masukkan dan remove, jangan gelabah. first timer normally gelabah and cuak. just relax. and this thing will works like wonder!
no more leaking!
no more require to change your pads every 4 hrs.
and the best thing is, you doesnt even feel the things is there. or boleh siap terlupa period.
bessssttt! at first i tak confident sangat. macam betul ke benda ni dah ok. leaking tak nanti? and buh gak la pantyliner mana la tau leaking kan.
booooo! setitik pun takda keluar.
yippyyyyy! a very-very good investment.

err..perlu ke nak explain how to use???

ni ha anak-anak buah i yang tak paham-paham bahawa kereta pakcik dia (Antel) adalah kecik. nak jugak berhimpit nek keta kiteorang From North ke rumah my mom time raya ke-3 tuh. padahal honda daddy korang kosong je. takpe la..asal korang bahagia. tapi ni la kot bebudak, baru gerak seploh minit masing-masing syahiiiidddd..

ok y'all..last but not least, tempek gamba i je la dlu ye. gambar rayo-rayo nanti kita tempek lain.
dem! muke semakin memenuhi ruang gambar. isu berat tak habis-habis lagi T____T

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

nampak flawless. ko addaaaa?

Sape yg aritu comment tanya camno nak tepek mekap biar Nampak tulus mulus?

Err..jawapan sebenarnya I pun tak tau la nak tepek mekap pesen ape bior Nampak muka berkawah ni ala flawless gitu.

Sebabnya, I pun baru je jinak-jinak merpati dengan dunia mekap.

Nak buat camne, baru recently realize I sedang didalam aging process gitu. which is Au Natural no longer working walaupun jenuh dah bagitau kepala otak ni banyak kali. seems the brain no longer nak percaya on au natural things la kan?
Then pasrah and yakin perlu tempek mekap agar muka Nampak sedikit flawless. At least jerawat tu ko tak nampak la sangat kan. Nampak sesuci lebaran sket muka tu. Tapi, kalau ko tanya suami I lepas put on makeup, kompom ko rasa nak pitam dengar jawapan dia “ni semua fake nih!”. Sungguh siot bukan? Takpe, I memang pasrah mengenang nasib diri. Lagipun in real world semua orang hidup dalam denial. Ape la salahnya tempek mekap with a lil hope ko santek macam Kim Kardashian walaupun vontot ko tak mampu nak celen vontot dia.

Tapi mekap disini bukanlah tepek mekap ala level perantin. Errr.. so not my type la. Mekap haruslah so-so aje. Tak perlu la ko nak over doing it sampai boh bulu mate pelesu takat pergi pergi kedai tukar tayar kete ke, mahupun takat pergi pasar malam. Eh serious! I pernah jumpa orang gi bazaar ramadhan mekap fullamak. Eye shadow kaler hijau purple, bulu mata pelesu dasat, tapi pakai baju kelawar yang buat tido malam tu. Aaa…assume je la dia baru balik shopping dan hanya sempat tukar baju je and rasa sayang pulak nak remove mekap mahal-mahal yang dah tempek tu. Kooo adddooo?

Unless u adalah perantin, u deserve la mekap ala-ala setebal mekap Rozita che wan kan. Pastu taram bulu mata sampai nak angkat kelopak mata pun tak larat. Tapi, dah nama pun big day. Ko mekap ala-ala lady gaga pun orang masih dapat terima. Sebab dah big day ko kan. Or pergi dinner party ke ko nak mekap ala drag queen pun I rasa orang ramai masih boleh terima walaupun diaorang akan nengok ko dari atas sampai bawah, pastu buat signal mata kat kawan sebelah dia. Tapi kalau takat menghadiri mejlis kawen orang lain, ko tak yah la overshadow pengantin tu. Meraung pengantin yang bayar mekap retis ratusan malah ada ribuan ringgit bile nengok ko mekap overrrr dari perantin. Bagi la chance kat perantin. Cukup la sekadar mekap basic-basic, masih kelihatan au natural gitu.

And bila ko cakap pasal mekap, kompom ramai Tanya brand apa la elok nak tempek. So tang ni I kenot answer sebab it depends on your level bajet and diri sendiri. Ada orang seswai ngn mekap mahal-mahal sahaja baru dia Nampak santek, tapi ada gak orang mekap cap ayam pun dah Nampak santek dah.
and for start, better go for average brand je la kan.
Sapa tak nak beli mekap cap MAC ke, Bobbi ke, Laura Mercier ke, NARS ke, Urban Decays dan banyak lagi la dek non oi. Nak oi nak..sampai tak tido malam asyik pegang calculator. Dah kompom-kompom dieorang tu well known brand. Jadi kompom ko rasa lepas ko pakai mekap tu pastu keyakinan diri terus sama level dengan Kim Kardashian. Tapi kalau takat aku sebuah foundation MAC pun dah cecah ratus, ko agak mampu ke nak diteruskan niat nak eyeshadow la, blusher la, lipstick la, eyeliner la, mascara bagai kalau nak beli semua sekaligus?

Ekceli, kalau u oll jenis gigih and still rasa nak beli branded mekap ni jugak, boleh je buat satu bulan beli satu barang. Cuma level kesabaran tu kena la tinggi sket nak collect at least for basic kan. Since sabar menyabar ni takde dalam kamus hidup I, I ni jenis kalau nak, nak semua sekali on the dot. Ko mampuuu nak handle bini spesies ni? Sebab tak mampu la I kawen ngn laki i. dia sorang je mampu handle bini spesis ni kan.

Tapi korang juga kena la ingat, ko beli mahal2, tapi tak reti tempek pun membazir juga. Jadi why not start with something not-so-expensive, pastu ko dah terer calit-calit so that tak rasa membazir sangat sebab dalam proses pembelajaran calit-calit dan tempek-tempek ni kompom banyak kali ko kena wipe off balik mekap ni, then baru ko berhijrah kepada high end mekap brands la. Sebab kompom la high end mekap ngn mekap so-so ni banyak beze.

Dalam proses pembelajaran pun, sure ko tak nak go for super cheap mekap stuff pastu muke ko kelihatan seperti pondan-pondan kat jalan haji taib tu kan. Means, mekap nampak chalky ke tak sekata ke or luntur sebelum waktunya. So brand yang average for start ni pun banyak. Pergi je drugstore (note: pharmacy,Watsons, guardian, or bhgian personal care kat giant and tesco pun ada) banyak je jual brand-brand yang level kemampuan kite (note: utk orang yg tak berapa nak mampu mcm I la). Yang penting, before beli, buat la sedikit research, gi la guggle kat tenet tu. Sebab tu, since been a user of semakphong for the past 2 years, segala maknikam benda nak beli, I gugle dulu. Tengok review. Tapi berpada-pada la kan. Ko nak foundation level Laura Mercier, pastu ko nak bayar rege nampuluh ringgit. Ko agak-agak sales assistant tu tak rasa nak hempok kepala ko ke?

And for those yang nak berjinak-jinak merpati, rajin-rajinlah usha utube ye. Sebab kat utube la banyak gila mekap guru yg gempak-gempak yet ko tak payah bayar nak gi mekap class. Yang penting, ko nengok, ko pause, ko start calit, pastu ko play, ko nengok, ko pause ko calit lagi and on and on sampai la settle muke ko yang dah rupa kim kardashian selepas di mekap (u wish la kan!).

And my latest mekap range obsession is NYX! ramai mekap guru kat utube pakai cap NYX ni, plus rege dia. Auwwww! Affordable. But the drawback is, NYX does not available kat Mesia. Whatttt?

One option is to purchase it via online from local seller. Banyak je local online seller bawak this NYX from US and jual kat mesia. But for sure the price slightly expensive la. Kena la kire kawan tu nak bayar postage la, pack2 barang ni semua and of course sape nak bisnes kalau tak untung kan?

And another option is, directly beli from the online store kat US nun. Tapi, shipping cost dia sometime same rege dengan barangan yang ko beli. Dah jadi mahal balik. Unless ko nak consolidate the shipment and share dengan orang lain kan.

And for me working with US-based company, adalah juga advantage nye. Sebab tetiap bulan kompom ada je colleague’s yang kena outstation kat HQ. And mostly yang pergi ni jantanz-jantanz u oll, dah tu takkan I nak suruh jantanz-jantanz ni pergi cari mekap utk i kat kedai? kompom la mati hidup semula pun tak nak kan. So sebagai wanita yg bijak, I telah membeli secara online and deliver to their hotel room. Pastu jantanz-jantanz ni tinggal angkut bawak balik Mesia je. Dieorang ni tak kisah kalau takat angkut bawak balik sebab dieorang ni pun bukan beli apa sangat kat sana. Lagipun sape lagi nak nyusahkan hidup dieorang kalau bukan I kan? Dari perfume laki I, sunglass, teeth whitening, mekap brush, mekap stuff semua je buat cara ni. Nak buat camno. Kat US nun murah. Ko cer beli kat mesia. Mekap brush I tu almost double the price kat mesia tau. Tu baru satu barang kan?

And taraaaa! This is my NYX haul baru-baru ni. nak tambahkan koleksi i yang sedia ada gitu.

                                                                The peach blusher tu Cik Anne punya. tapi i rasa macam nak pulak sekarang ini sebab ia cantek. 

NYX adalah awesome! The famous jumbo eye pencil sangat bagus digunakan untuk orang-orang yang baru belaja bermekap and bagi mereka yang on the go (considering to purchase another 5 colour lagi).

The Nude on Nude makeup kits sangat best. And its really worth every penny. siap ada lip pallete lagi kat bawah dia.
I introduced NYX to my sis, even my sis pun sangat terkejut with the NYX quality. With the price you pay, tapi ko dapat the quality almost setanding dengan other high end brand.
And the best part about NYX, ko takyah nak bubuh banyak. buh sikit je kaler dia dah va va vaaas gitu. so being a cheapskate, this is a very good point for NYX.

and time i beli tu ada discount on certain products. this lipstick cost me less than two dollar. omaiii! murah bukan? hamik dua terus. mana ada orang pernah said enuff with mekap stuff aight?

Nanti I review one by one bila ada kesempatan ye and what a basic mekap stuff u shud owned for start.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya!

How’s ur raya everyone? Ye! Masih mood raya walaupun day 2 bekerja. Bukan I aje. Sepet-sepet yang lain pun masih mood holiday. Nak buek keje pun masih malas-malas lagi.

Korang dah start puasa enam? Erm. Bila nak start ni ek. Nak kena di azankan kat telinge kot baru nak pose ke. Haish..syaitan nirrajim ni menggoda.

So, my first beraya di perantauan adalah awesome! Err.. perantauan in another word for beraya at my in law’s yg nun di utara. So this is the very first experience celebrate 1st day raya at my in law’s.

Reached my in law house on Sunday morning which is two days before raya. My MIL tengah busy buat beskut raya. What? Me? Beskut raya? I never made one. Serious weh. Omak den main buat kat kedai pakai jari telunjuk and duit. Namanya nak bancuh tepung, sukat menyukat, duduk depan oven, nehi! Dan sebagai menantu pilihan zaman berzaman, I pun volunteer la. Barangkali my MIL tak berapa yakin dengan level experience I yg zero dengan beskut raya, kepercayaan diberi hanya untuk gentel menggetel beskut Mazola. Itupun tak berapa pass. Sebab ada yg I buat bosar amat, ada yg I buat terkecik. Tapi my MIL yg super cool tak pernah komplen dan nasib baik ada adik ipar fomfuan dua orang yg tangan lebih kurang I jugak buat sama. Jadi takde la obvious sangat I sorang je gentel ntah papa *denial*

The day before raya, my in law memberi sedikit lagi kepercayaan untuk I bancuh sendiri adunan untuk buat beskut Sugee. Hamek ko! I pulak tak yakin dengan diri sendiri. Omaigod! Time tu nak pura-pura pengsan. I takut! Gelabah giler! Kalah pergi interview ni. Jantung macam nak tercabut. “errr..umi la bancuh. Takut salah”. And again, being the coolest MIL, dia just cakap, takpe, kalau tak jadi kita makan sendiri. Kalau tak cuba mana na tau reti ke tidak.

Tapi..tapi..tapi saya takut nak bancuh.

So, nak tak nak, kena la gak try. Nanti sampai kiamat tak mencuba buat kan? What if semua penggeluar beskut raya buat mogok tetiba tak nak jual beskut raya disebabkan kenaikkan rege tepung? Dah tu takkan I laki bini sok lusa makan beskut marie di pagi raya? Tak pun makan beskut tiger kan? Jadi dengan lafaz bismillah, I mula la menyukat. Habes buku resepi MIL I terkena tepung and bahan2 lain. Yelah, setiap kali nak sukat tu I ulang baca sampai doploh kali. Time jawab soklan Fizik SPM dulu pun takde la sampai baca doploh kali. Ni lagi berpeluh dari nak buat amali Analogue Electronics time buat degree dulu. Itu tak kira plak bila I sukat nak accurate giler sampai dua tiga kali I bubuh, I remove, then I bubuh balik. Dan everytime nak sukat, I calibrate balik weighing scale tu. Ko adaaa? Everytime nak sukat, I ulang baca label tepung or bahan-bahan lain sampai seploh kali. Ape jadahnya banyak2 jenis tepung? Saja je buat I kompius. Tepung gandum satu je tak cukup ke? Tepung sugee la. Tepung ape ntah lagi. Alhamdulillah! My beskut sugee menjadi. Pat on my shoulder. Giler vangga ok. Cuma bila dah bakar atas oven ada yg terhangit sket. Eh, jangan salahkan i. tu keje adik ipar I yg patutnya duduk depan oven. Bila semua sibuk-sibuk bukak puasa, tertinggal satu tray dalam oven. Tapi takpe! Yang lain sodap. MIL I cakap leh la jual tahun depan. Hah? Jual? Errrr….

And the night before raya. Lepas dengar takbir raya, I pun start la jadi drama queen. Haruslah kan? Kalau tak title tu Persatuan Drama Queen Se-Malaysia di tarik balik plak kalau tak menjalankan tugas. Bley tak lepas semayang isyak tu I bantai pulun nanges sampai bengkak-bengkak bijik mata? Sampai nak bukak mata pun tak larat nih. Rindu omak, ayah, adik beradik and paling penting, rindu rendang paru, rindu kuah lodeh, rindu nasi impit, rindu lemang, rindu kuah kacang dan rindu ayam masak kicap.


Dan sebagai drama queen, adengan cerekrama adalah harus! I bagitau hubby nak balik Klang nek bas malam tu. Sempat lagi ni nak sampai klang by subuh and beraya kat sana. Ko adaaaaa??? Ha, haruslah cuak laki i. giler apa bini nak naik bas malam-malam raya kan? Naseb la laki I ni jenis rajin melayan and saboooooor sangat menebal dalam jiwa. Kot la dapat laki lain, mau makan penampo je memalam raya cenggitu. Hamboih..elok sangat la tu perangai. Padahal laki ko tahun lepas beraya kat rumah mak ko relax je. Takde pun nak balik memalam raya. Takde pun nanges bengkak-bengkak mata. Tapi sebagai suami yang dalam misi mencalonkan diri untuk title suami mithali 2011, haruslah mengambil langkah sopan santun dengan menggoda dan memotibasikan bini. Suami cakap “to have something is to lose something, I dapat kawen dengan u, tapi I tak dapat raya every year dengan my family. Semua orang had been through this”. After few pujukan walaupun I sebenarnya amat mengharapkan ada offer yg masyuk seperti, “nanti I belikan enbeg Gucci idaman u tu” keluar dari bibir laki I, but obviously la nan-hado kan. Baru la puan drama queen berhenti tersedu-sedan.

And korang agak-agak pagi raya I nanges tak? Mesti korang cakap.. kompom la kan?

Tapi ketahuilah, nan adoooo! I tak nanges ok. Oh tabah nya drama queen ni.

Tak, bukan sebab hasil pujukan suami, atau tetibe dah terhidang makanan raya di rumah mak I kat atas meja rumah my in law. Nehi!

Tapi disebabkan, di pagi raya yang indah lepas mandi tu baru I tersedar…

I tertinggal the WHOLE MAKEUP STUFF! Ko adaaaaa? Nak mati terkejut beruk. Not even a foundation, nor a compact powder/loose powder or even aku sebatang lipstick.

Takde! Zero! Nehi!

Tetiba rasa I perlu pura-pura pengsan lepas tu I tak perlu beraya sampai raya kedua. So that people won’t see me on raya with my naked face which konon-konon yakin au natural. Kalau kulit I jenis tulus mulus haruslah I yakin nak buat. Ni kalau antara kawah bulan dengan muka I pun tak dapat dibezakan, camna I nak yakin? Boooooooo!

Jenuh la pepagi tu punggah semua beg-beg satu bilik. Manela tau I bawak and I missed place ke kan. The only thing yg I bawak adalah my new makeup brush set, aku sebatang Mascara Dior dan aku sebatang lip glaze Stila. Tu pun sebab lip glaze and mascara ni memang standby dalam enbeg. Mascara baru yang gigih beli time bulan pose pun sekali dengan rakyat jelata mekap yg lain ditinggalkan. Sobsobsob!

Dan sedia maklum diketahui, mendapat seorang isteri yg saiko seperti I adalah sangat menggugat iman, right after sembahyang raya at kampong atok my hubby, gigih la hubby memandu kereta ala-ala F1 driver to find any personal store (read : Watson/guardian) sebab kompom2 la kedai mekap tutup. And haruslah Watsons and guardian tutup di pagi raya yg hening itu. Nasib baik ada tesco. And this is the first time I tengok tesco lengang giler. Mcm ko bleh golek-golek atas lantai tak saper marah. Pkl seploh pagi raya kot. Mana ada meknusia siuman pergi tesco kan? Thanks to tesco sebab ada jugak la jual cap Maybelline. Dah desperate mcm tu ada hati lagi nak memilihkan? Rembat je la foundation and lipstick. Yg penting muka tidak terlalu naked!

Sedikit disaster di hari raya pertama dan kedua. Sebab foundation I adalah super chalky and sumpah disaster. The first two hour je kelihatan sedikit mulus, lepas tu? Seperti nenek kebayan tercurah minyak urut. Muka berkilat abes tak payah ko buh glitter. Oh, mungkin ia ok pada org lain, tapi hancus on me.

Will post on the raya pics later. Tak excited sangat pun tengok gambo raya. Sebab muka I mcm nenek kebayan. Yang penting, beraya at hub’s side is not that bad. Seriously! It was awesome actually.

p/s : do you know the sanitary pads that we use during menses is not safe after all? I’m considering cloth’s menstrual pad or menstrual cup. But since I over pemalas, I just place order for the menstrual cup. Will review bout it once I use it!

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