Tuesday, March 27, 2012

baby stuff...again!

Last wiken adalah ohsem! wiken je sentiasa ohsem. weekdays semstinye kureng ohsem. termasuk hari esok. sadis dan tragis! hari esok i kena mengharung jam and meeting at another site in One Utama. keji bukan mereka? padahal i yg ngandung. korang la datang this plant. ni i plak nak kena gi office dieorg. bersabarla wahai hati dan anak. kita pikir time lunch sahaja. lunch bersama mereka menjanjikan makanan yg lazat. itu sudah pasti.

well, wiken baru-baru ini one of my closests fren finally engagedddd! yippy! kisah cinta mereka lebih express dr kisah cinta suami dan i. sangat super express until every one was shocked to hear this. she asked me to teman her to go to nilai 3 to buy some stuffs somewhere 3weeks ago without knowing her intention. Being me yang naive dan sangat pelik bin ajaib sehingga melontarkan soalan kurang bijak. "fik, ko ingat nilai 3 tu cam Pavi ke? ko nak beli apa?". then only she told me about her merisik plan which at the end they change to bertunang plan and this guy, they were hooked up within few months and decided to move on to biggie step.
so yes, both mak buyong and cik fik meratakan la jalan kat nilai3 tu.
She is the best buddy to bring out for shopping anyway. we loves to influence each other while shopping and i still in love with her nine west shoe which i forced her to purchase for raya few years back. And well, she owned one of my favorite Marc Jacobs handbag. *i het u*!
Well Popo, pls take care of my good friend.

and wiken tanpa menyiapkan preparation for our bundle of joy adalah sangat tidak lengkap gamaknya.
and looks what Mama finally crossed out from our list :

1) Mattress Set

2. Matching comforter

3) Change nappy/travel mattress.

4) Diapers stacker

5) Laundry Bag

Since i am one fussy makcik, its quite difficult for me untuk menjumpai ready made mattress set for our little one. its either the fabrics design not nice or too kasar or the mattress itself yang sangat nipis macam sebulan dua bulan leh campak ke laut.
tough man tough!
so i was googling online and found several blogs and fb insan-insan kreatip yg menerima tempahan tilam baby.
and i was lucky enough, Ju was able to accept my order. weeeee...
the end result adalah ohsem!
- mattress adalah super thick. kekabu la kan gamaknya. pillow juga sgt fluffy. the fabrics of course sgt ohsem. this fabrics actually from IKEA.
- the matching comforter juga sangat nice. eh, macam i plak teringin nak. walaupun hanya muat cover sebelah tangan.
-change nappy/travel mattress. ni sangat useful kalau nak tukar nappy anak time travel or jenjalan gi mana2 anak nak tido baring kan. its also will be good nak alas dalam stroller nanti. ada tali as you can see at the end of the mattress.so, nak bawak jalan, just roll the tilam and tied up.
- diapers stacker purposely pilih fabric lain. still animals theme. nak letak all the diapers in. baru kemas sikit.
- laundry bag. Ekceli, ni 1st time Ju buat this laundry bag. since i adalah mak yang ngengade, i request her to make one laundry bag for my little one. i tak nak nanti baju dia bercampur in our laundry basket. and another basket means memakan another space dekat rumah. this one, you masukkan hanger dekat atas tu and you can hang it behing the door or any place at your convenience. there is zipper as well. so nak bwk berjalan pun sonang.

So, if you are interested, sila add Junita Khalid in your fb.
and price she quoted me adalah seperti berikut :

1. set tilam ...rm 220

2. bntal kripap..rm 15

3. cmforter..rm 70

4. change nappy..rm 35

5. diapers stker..rm 40

6. laundry bag..rm 50

however, price ni berbeza based on fabrics you choose. so ni hanya guideline korang je la. maybe your end products yang lebih diva, so harganya kompom la lain kan.

and to Abang DHL, i'm waiting for you! yeayyyy..another order from GAP.com and Oldnavy.com on its way all the way frm US. something for mama and opkos for our baby as well.
yg menanya about the maternity attire and nursing tops tu, nanti i review ek. tunggu i try on this round punya attire sekali. sonang sikit.



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