Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A or B?

I’m torn between A or B.

Bukan kekasih A atau kekasih B. mahu kena silambam dengan Incik Suami ke nak torn between kekasih A atau kekasih B plak kan.

But, between option A or option B.

I was offered to be involve in the new project. Weh, project lagiii? Sungguh lemau mendengarnya. The project period is around 6 months. Oh tidakkkk! Lama gilos. Kompom rasa nak muntah darah lagi lepas ini. *puke* *puke*

But the bright side is, the project will take place in China and US. Means, 3months in China and another 3 months in US. Part 3 months China tu I tak de la heran sangat. Sebab China kot. Nak makan pun susah kat area tu nanti. But the 3 months in US sangat mengugat jiwa i. err… weekends at the branded outlets? I mahu pengsaaaaaaaannnn. Plus, the $$$$ offered juga maha gembira.

Well, of course I’m smiling from ear to ear when I was told about this assignment. Gilo kau tak hepi kan. Tapi, 6months without hubster? Can I survive? Jumpa tiap-tiap weekend pun drama air mata masih ada walaupun almost 2 years cenggini. But 6months without him? Will he be okay? Will he miss me badly? And 6 months ‘berpuasa’. Dah la now pun puasa on weekdays kan. Sobsobsob..

Waitttt! Ofkos every nice thing comes together with the extra baggage. The worst part is? I’ll be bonded for another 2 years. Gulp! 2 years lagi? Oh tidaaaaakkkk.

Hubster was fine with this arrangement. I mean, he was fine with the idea I need to be out of countries for 6months and the bonded things. Well, he will missed me (he said so), but its something to do with the career path and all those experience which can help me to demand moreeeee salary in future. Eh, sungguh mata duitan!

But I think enuf is enuf. Means cukup2lah almost two years kiteorang kutub utara kutub selatan. Another two years to go? Gulp! That’s it. The damage is done. We need to start to focus on having our family in soonnnn. Like, real soon ok. Nanti kengkawan anak dah berderet empat, I baru terhegeh-hegeh nak preggy whats not.

And back to square, to lose something is to gain something else. Bonded for another two years is totally not worth it walaupun I bisa bergumbira di Negara berhawa sejuk, dengan gaji tak affected plus with the overseas allowance (masyuk kot kan lepas abes 6months tu), and the increment after the project if successfully meet the mile stone goal. But those can’t beat when I able to leave the company bila tiba masanya (eh, I dah tau dah masanya. March insyallah!), hubster and I can spend every single minute in our little tiny condo until god-know-when, we can focus on baby makings, and no more endless weekend trips north-south. And finally I’ll be abled to keep my travelling bag out of our eyesight. Poor my little travelling bag! Every week tak pernah miss untuk berkhidmat for me.

But still, I’m torn. I know I should turn down the offer. I know I should keep my decision firm. But, I’m just human, tempted with all the nice to have things. Errr..like nice to stay in US right? Even just 3months. Hahahahaha.. maybe I’ll be able to cuci mata and finally grab that Marc Jacobs ive been eyeing for months aight? And all the shopping stuff. Plus the x'mas will be coming in soon. Sure banyak saleeee kan?

Shuh..shuh..syaiton nirrajim! Hope Allah tabahkan hati I. menghalang all those godaan syaitan to accept the offer. and this is actually the 2nd time boss had asked me to consider this offer. phew!!

Ni baru hallllfff of our book hauls at MPH Warehouse Sale. heaven ok heaven bila tengok buku mure-mure. macam tak keruan i. sila la sila sale buku selalu ye. Book paling atas tu tak yah nak sebarkan gosip liar. tu persediaan untuk one fine day nanti. paham? beside buku "home repair" and "lonely planet thailand" the rest to semua my booookkkk. Hubster gigih nak DIY some of our house projects.
Till then!

Adios amigos.

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