Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the reflector girl

i was caught by surprise when i log in to my fb this morning. Incik photographer dh upload yesterday pic. lihat la lihat...gambarku yg gedik. ni mmg 100% candid ya. time tu i tgh pegang reflector. then dr kejauhan incik nasir panggil nama i and shoved his camera to my direction. dgn refleks i terus senyum. muahhahah... i mmg gedik. not in mood to do anything today. keje byk tp x kuase nk buat. lots of thing bothering me at the moment. and i'm not feeling well this morning sebab mlm td tak tido lena. p/s: pls go here for yesterday pengantin photoshoot. p p/s : another pic di upload from another photographer.

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