Sunday, November 8, 2009

food fest

Last Saturday meet up with Uncle Surgeon for ENT at KPJ Perda. Bad news : i have to remove my tonsil immediately... getting worse i guess.. so Uncle Surgeon set the date straight away and after considering few factors (including my menstruation since surgery cant be perform if i'm having the menstruation), so the date will be on 12 Nov 2009 at 8.30am Gulp! ok..i know. what a short notice. nady, my tonsil is not that bad time i muda. its just getting worse since working. Good news : i will get more than 10days MC. wahahha...selamat tinggal ofis. dont miss me that much. *uwek..mcm la dieorg akan rindu my presence, just they wish me to come back ASAP since nobody to cover my job je* Plan : makan sampai lebam this week. sbb incik doc kate maybe up to 1month tak leh mkn solid food. eee...felt like baby yg takde gigi plak x leh pki solid food. go through all the articles about tonsillectomy for adults. and 80% of it cakap adult ni mmg recovering period dia lebih lama then kids. incik doc siap cakap : if kids, today remove the nest two days can eat nasi lemak already. but adults, i doubt it will be that fast. based on my experience, up to two weeks only you can eat solid food. huh? tapi some says sampai sebulan. gilos!!! and adults easily tend to bleeding comapre dgn kids. *cross fingers, hoepfully it doesnt happen to me* err..nak jd mcm adik nady la simpan tonsil inside the bottle. euwww!! and big hugs and thanks to cik zai coz sudi temankan ke KPJ di pagi sabtu yg mulia itu. incik tunang kne kerja la plak pagi tu. zai cames to rescue. *u r my savior love pie* oh cik yunap, kami jumpe doc ensem. ikan paus gitu!! tanye zai, doc tu rmbut spikey siot. alahai..tak mcm doc dh rupa. *Grrr...* sila la sila pay me a visit kat KPJ tu ye. bwk big flowers n fruits biar saya rasa terharu. And for this weekend, full of activities telah dijalankan sempena kedtgan cik ajue and partner ke Kedah. And yes.. i called this week as food fest week. actually baru sahja pulang dr seoul garden. makan korean food sampai lebam.. errr..actully bukan lebam,,sampai nak termuntah ok!!! just be prepared for the surgery. crossfingers!! hope everything will be just fine. p/s: cik lappie n incik wimax akan menemani saya ke Speacialist. p p/s : any suggestion what else i should prepare for the tonsillectomy besides ice creams n ice pack?

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