Thursday, August 5, 2010

2nd year and counting...

Today is our 2nd year anniversary as a couple.

Alhamdulillah for the two wonderful years I had in my life. I don’t know how much grateful I am to have someone like him in my life.

Though the journey is smooth but still there is still bumpy road here and there and I am just a human to avoid such circumstances.

For the past two years, our relationship had moving in super fast lane. I guess, I always on SMARTTAG lane then.

We are moving from couple to something bigger like the engagement within few months after he confess his feelings and moving to something much much more bigger step in our life which is the marriage in following months later.

Blessed! That is exactly how I felt. I’ve been blessed to meet and to have someone like him. Felt blessed to have such a great family which always there and support us throughout our journey.

He might not as handsome as Brad Pitt or as tall as Nicholas Cage. But for me, he just perfect the way he is. He is my very own version of Ashton Kutcher a little bit of Adam Sandler *wink*.
His silly jokes will always make me laugh to tears. And every itsy bitsy things about him will always make me smile.

Thank you my dear for this journey and i knew you are not good in words, but still i always knew that you always love me as much as i love you!

Advise of the day : Breakup in a relationship doesn’t mean the end of life. It’s normal and for me it’s pretty much worth it if the relationship itself causes much heartache and headache. It also will turn someone to be more matured and wiser in making choices and decision in their life. I kissed lots of frogs and toads before I met my very own Prince Charming. So what’s wrong with kissing another frog then?

And he send me this email few minutes ago :

p/s: hubby, thanks for the Hatyai trip. Even though it’s just HATYAI and not PHUKET (as planned), but I enjoy it to fullest =))

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