Sunday, January 3, 2010

pre-wed episode 1

Exhausted yet enjoy every bits of it!!
done with our pre-wed.
kind of marathon la plak ase kan.

the pre wed is suppose to take place in Nov. but since my tonsillectomy, it had been postponed.
and dec Abg Nasir scheduled is damn tight. every week ade je org kawen nk kne shoot kan.
and we met up with abg nasir last week since nak amik pics yg dh settle di print on behalf of nashriq (nasriq is incik tunang cousin and abg nasir amik gmbar for his wedding as well).
and after checking his schedule, we end up do the pre wed shoot this morning.
we had two session which is in the morning, the classical theme la konon and afternoon, street look. ahahha..
suke suki je bg name kan.

enjoy the pics for part 1 (sbb ni je pics yg abg nasir upload kt fb beliau. so, nnt dpt the rest saya akan upload lagik).

dah ase cam Heidi Klum plak saya nih sebab another 3 frens of abg nasir join amik gamba.

ohhh...sangat suka tengok gambar sendiri -> ni dinamakan self obsess.

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