Monday, March 14, 2011

lelemak dan berat.

Whats wrong with being fat?

Weight is always my issue.

And since pictures of my recent trip to Vietnam had been published in my facebook, I received numbers of unnecessary comment about me being fat.

1) If you choose to slim down, doesn’t mean you have the right to tell others to slim down as well. Or tell other that he or she “fat”

2) Are you going to pay for my SlimWorld ke, London weight management ke? Nyebok je bagi suggestion.

3) I’m happy with myself. It’s all that matter now. And that’s what my hubby told me like zillionth of time. Why do you guys bother of me being fat anyway? Korang ke yang kena belikan I baju baru kalau baju I sendat and tak muat?

Or maybe, when you are fat (before) or (still) did I even put a comment or condemn you of being fat, round and you-really-does-looks-like-pumpkin?

And seriously, if you can’t bear with my “fatness” or “obesity”, just click close on your facebook and pls do not bother to stalk me anyway. Pls let me know kalau-kalau korang tak jumpa "close" button kat window ko ye.

kang I telan pil selim doploh lapan bijik kang baru u oll tau.

sekian terima kasih.

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