Friday, May 10, 2013

The News!

I wasn’t sure how to put this into words.

After long hiatus.

Lets begin with.



Yes.. im pregnant AGAIN!

Mir will turn 11th month next week, turn 1yr old the month after and I just found I was carrying a little caliph on yesterday morning.

No wonder my breast milk had been reduced tremendously.

Thats explained my extreme fatigue. I even fall asleep during my pumping session few times.

My period was late about two weeks.

My bladder was full within an hour.

I was hungry to death.

Bloated extremely, and heartburn.

Exactly the same symptoms when I was carrying Mir. Is it possible I was carrying another boy?

Everyone closed to me had concern on this pregnancy. Since Mir was delivered via caesarean, “Boleh ke nak beranak lagi rapat-rapat macam ni?”,

Well, what will be, will be.

I believe Allah have a better plan for us.

Caesarean with less than 2yrs gap won’t be that critical aight? By the time I had this little caliph, it will be around a year and half gap. I knew from a friend of mine that his wife, had caesarean for 3 times in a row with each baby apart exactly 1year.

Hopefully everything turn perfect! Cross finger.

I’m considering tandem nursing when this little caliph here. But till then, Ill just continue breastfeed Mir as long as it was permitted. Maybe I will need to stop him from breastfeed when I was about to deliver. But, to wean him off when he is barely 2yrs old? Heavy hearted I must say.

To be franked, I was shock; I wasn’t expecting the rezeki was this soon. We waited more than a year after trying to conceive with Mir. I felt bad about myself. I felt like I cheated on Mir. Ahahhahaha..

Mama’s and dilemma. Pffft!

But, I believe, Allah knew I can go through this very well.

I was carrying Mir on my own almost through all the pregnancy months, and what’s the different carrying another baby when my hubster around this time?

At least, Mir wasn’t the only son we had since I was diagnosed with Endometriosis earlier. There is people with endo doesn’t have even a single child. I was blessed enough to have soon to be two child right?

Pray for Mir, hubster and myself, so does to our little caliph I was carrying now.

Love, Hugs,

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Anak bujang saya sudah berusia 6bulan.
time flies.
the next thing i knew, anak bujang saya sudah mahu kawen T_______T

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rabu dengan sedikit kata. *voley?*

He turns 4months old yesterday, and still, i havent put up post on his delivery birth story.

Rabu dengan sedikit kata! enjoice...

rambut saya memang kopispes papa saya. ia tebal, ia seperti rimbunan semak samun.

*boring asyik teman mama & papa visit show house. rumahnya tak beli2 lagi. come to me!

*Danny's 1st birthday party. super ohsem with Marvell Superheroes Theme. gigih ko nak cari baju anak beranak suma superman.

and the aftermath. like father like son. dua2 terbongkang tido even majlis still on going. bravooo!


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