Tuesday, October 5, 2010

miserable me.

I haven’t have the right time to jotted down everything yet. All the stupid, funny,hilarious things which happen in my life for the past two weeks.

I was tied up with 2011 road map. my head almost cracked open. Gila kau. Membuat 2011 road map adalah sama dengan commit suicide. Ia seperti commit sesuatu kepada management and dang…ia perlu di’realiti’kan.

My house in such a huge mess and I doest even have time to do the cleaning. ~sigh! Heading home at 7pm, drive thru mcd, have my dinner and walllahhh… kembali ke depan lappie.

Oh god! Pls make this happen so fast until I couldn’t even feel the pain menangani perihal kerja ini.

The other side of my life, hubby and I are busy bee hunting high and low for our house furnitures. Rumah agak padang jarak padang terkukur. Sogan den nak ajak orang dating. Nak beli banyak2 tapi duit tak banyak. I love ONLY solid woods and, damn it can cause a big wide hole in our pocket. Itu la, dr dulu tak mahu berjimat. Padan muka! T_____T. baru sedar how much one need to keep aside before rumah boleh fully furnish.

Received my very 1st starter kits for menjahit beading. The kits consist of jarum menjahit for beadings (baru tahu lain dari jarum jahit biasa), gunting kecik@kacip, and also water erasable pen. Bought it online *of course la*. phew!! Harus mula menjahit,but….akak yg saya mahu beli beads and filigree from tu pergi outstation pulak. So have to wait sampai dia pulang. Agak2 dapat siapkan tak this baju???? I was thinking mcm mana nk jhit beads tu betul2 center? Betul tak senget benget. And nicely aligned? Should I bought the geometry set as well? Eh, teringat geometry set brand mapped yg pakai time form 3 tu. Pengaruh Nadrah la sampai beli Mapped nih. Mana dah hilang ek?

p/s: few attempts untuk mula membaca Nicholas Sparks-The Choice menemui kegagalan. Baru bukak few pages dah syahid.

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