Thursday, May 13, 2010


I hate myself when i need to choose between two.
between having handbag in purple colour or red colour.
or between to choose skincare cap ayam or cap kambing
or between staying at home or out for cuci mata+wallet

i hate it soooo badly.
i always wish i could have both.
can i have both?

the longest dilemma ever i have to think about is when i need to decide to accept this new job over my husband. eh! bukan over my husband. between kot. *ada beze ke?*
but of course, career and husband is something uncomparable. giler kau!! mana sama. jauh beze.

today, another dilemma came and knocks my door. tak mo bukak pintu but i have too T_____T

mama call up and mention about to carik kain baju melayu for my ayah, angah and abang.
last year, i am the one who accompany my mama to hunt for it. mama a bit fussy when it comes to 'pakaian' *bukan pakaian je, semua bnde kot dia fussy*
she is not the kind of person aci rembat je kain for baju melayu even tough she knew that my bro will only use it once in a blue moon je sebaik sahaja selepas hari raya pertama. but still mama cakap "biar mahal asal selese. sebab dieorg bukan beli bajur kurung banyak2 pasang mcm kita"
yes! and the only place yg mama boleh jumpa kain idaman for the baju melayu hanyalah di GUlatis or Euro Moda to be exact kat Jalan TAR. Gulatis tempat lain dia kata tak banyak pilihan.
Furthermore, there will be a wedding on this sunday. anak kawan my mama yg kahwin. of course, she need to attend the wedding. but since my father have course to attend (some sort like certificate by UM since beliau pencen) on Sunday, he cant make it to the wedding and yes!! mama tak tau nak pergi dengan sapa.

hubby in the other side kena standby this week *again*.
which mean ye, saya kena pulang ke Kulim *again* weekend ini.
i told hubby to switch dengan his fren and blablabla.. but still he insist. sebab he said dia dh banyak kali sangat asyik tukar2.
saya : then macam mana? tak jumpa ke weekend ni?
hubby : hmm..takpelah. jumpa next weekend.

gosh!! mudahnya kamu cakap begitu ye sang suami. nak tercabut jantung dengar. and again my tears dengan gatalnya keluar dan keluar dan keluar. straight away letak telefon without saying goodbye.
i was hoping dia akan beralah and balik sini.

next weekend wedding cousin hafiz and jiran belakang my mom house pulak.
dah tu tak de dah masa nak teman mama ke KL.
the next weekend nye pulak wesak day. yep! kne balik kulim lagi. T_______T

life wasnt that easy huh?


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]


Firstly, I think Hafiz being reluctant to switch his duty roster because he felt responsible for his work. I mean, he can't possibly ask his frens to switch over the duty roster so many times. It's quite unfair & maybe he has a big projects coming up.

Secondly, you being in LDR marriage(Long distance relationship), it's a fair price that you have to pay; you being in south & Hafiz in north. I agree that right now Hafiz is in his comfort zone & perhaps it would take him quite a long time to jump ship to your place. Maybe right now, he has so much opportunities & potential to get promoted to higher positions?

But main thing in a relationship especially LDR, you gotta give & take, & understand if Hafiz can't come over to your place in a particular weekend due to work.

Sorry if my words are quite harsh but this is just an advice from a good friend. Good luck to the both of you!

Best friend of Hafiz

.:Mrs Hafiz:. said... [Reply to comment]

best friend of hafiz?
by the way, thanks for the advise. yeah, need to think like hafiz now and be in his shuz =))


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