Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Special Order!

Hubster and i had been placed the order for ‘something special’ almost more than a year ago.

 And only yesterday, we managed to get the acknowledgment on the order confirmation. Syukran!
 Well, this is the longest period to get the order confirmation in our life. Errr, especially me!

And we have to wait patiently and pray hard everything went well before both of us able to get our hands on this special order. Based on our order confirmation, our special order Estimate Time of Arrival (ETA) is somewhere in June’2012. Very long eh?

Till then, all the prayers are needed!


asfahani said... [Reply to comment]

congrats aimi!woot woot!

*Miss Backspace* said... [Reply to comment]

chewah !!!
somewhere in june ??? i likeee..
mintak2 22 june.. hahahahaha

myatiqah said... [Reply to comment]

hehe jumpe blog ko.ekekeke
tahniah mie!! jaga dri lelok. jgn ganaz2 ok!

.:Mrs Hafiz:. said... [Reply to comment]

@asfahani cik soon to be puan As ini sangat cekap! thanks babe.

.:Mrs Hafiz:. said... [Reply to comment]

@*Miss Backspace* haippp! ko ingat boleh set-set date ke? muahhahaha.. suke suki nak pilih date kan. pengikut perkiraan, awal june kot.

.:Mrs Hafiz:. said... [Reply to comment]

@myatiqah haipp! stalker. ahahha.. ko doakan le i banyak2 ye babe. kata ko sayang aku.

shayra hint said... [Reply to comment]

ya Allah..nangis baca entry ni. after all hiccups. congratss amy!!

sukaaaaaaa sgt!!!

*Miss Backspace* said... [Reply to comment]

tak kira !! nak jugak set date.. nnt bole celebrate besday same2.. opsss... hahahaha

.:Mrs Hafiz:. said... [Reply to comment]

@shayra hint thanks she! well thank u again sudi menjadi bahan rujukan i all this while. i pun till this date still mcm tak percaya. hopefully both baby and i ok till the end.

.:Mrs Hafiz:. said... [Reply to comment]

@*Miss Backspace* ewahhh.. tapi harapan itu tipis. sebab menjengah june je dah due date dia.

syahirah ismail said... [Reply to comment]

eeeeeeeee sayaaaa sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Yani said... [Reply to comment]

Alhamdulillah....akhirnyaa............take care mung.. :)

.:Mrs Hafiz:. said... [Reply to comment]

@syahirah ismail saya lagi suka mek! eh mek, doakan i ye.

.:Mrs Hafiz:. said... [Reply to comment]

@Yani thanks mung sudi doakan i selama ni. maybe doa mung la allah makbulkan kot.


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