Tuesday, September 27, 2011

pirate mata satu!

If some of you in my fb fren list, sure you guys are aware of me being Jack-Sparrow-wannabe or at least that what my hubster called me. Heh.. dia cakap I can starring in the next Pirate of Carribean. Ko ada noks mata tutup sebelah macam i?

So, the drama started more than a month ago. My eyelids start swollen on last week of fasting month. I went to one of the Ophthalmology clinic downtown SP. So the doc tell me the swollen was big and require removal aka minor surgery. I nebes noks. Surgery means a lil cut and blood and pain. So I request the doc to give me a day to think about it since time tu kasut raya laki I tak cari lagi. After the visit we went to Penang. Nak cari kasut raya laki I la kan. Time tu tak nak pikir sangat about the eyelids. Malas nanti I takde mood nak beli barang.

The next day, I felt berat hati je nak do the procedure, so we went to another Ophthalmologist for 2nd opinion. Well, its always best to go for the 2nd opinion kan? So the doc tell me I have to option either to take the antibiotics and pray hard the swollen will subside, or we had to take option no.2 which also the removal. Ofkos I ni nak try something less painful. So I opt for the antibiotics. I was on that antibiotics for almost a week. The swollen was smaller but not 100% subside. And raya came. Dah tu, I pun tak berapa nak pikir about my eyelids thing. Sebab its not painful after all. Its just like a numb growth,u noe, yg macam kematu je dekat situ. But last week, the growth start to give me tough time. Dia mcm heavy je. Bukak mata pun stim je sebelah sebelah tak boleh bukak sepuas-puasnya.

I went back to Sg Petani on recent weekend and was on leave on Monday. I met another Ophthalmology at the Specialists Hospital nearby my in law’s house. Jeng..jeng..jeng..sure the doc suruh I do the removal. As the growth is big from acceptable size *size yg kecik tak payah removal I rasa*. The doc give me two options to admitted in the hospital after removal or I may bed rest at home. Since the admission procedure to hamik masa, I opt for outpatient which mean balik rumah after the procedure.

Well, memula nak masuk tu I ok je. Berani. Siap tak bagi laki teman masuk lagi. Sebab I tau laki I ni stok ngeri gaban. Kang doc tak sempat nak buat apa-apa dia dah pengsan tengok jarum. Tak pasal2 nurse-nurse tu nak settlekan laki I dlu plak.

Since the doc is a muslim, I rasa sangat tenang when he recites the doa in every step he took.

Well, can you imagine the pain kena bius dekat area eyelids? Not once but thrice or 4 kali. I cant recall the 3rd and the 4th time since the pain for the 1st and 2nd injection tu sangat buat I traumatized. Though the doc bgtau I a lil pain and ask me to selawat, but cer imagine injection depan bijik mata. Waaa! Kompom baca selawat dalam hati pun terabur. Well, this is the not the first operation, but this is the most traumatized one since I Nampak injection like less than 2cm dr bijik mata i. sobsobsob…

Lepas kena bius tu, the doc clamp my eyelids and flip it. Macam eyelids tu terbalik la now. Omaigod! Sungguh nyilu and I cant stop my tear. Asyik meleleh-leleh.habis basah tepi2 mata and the nurse keep on wipe it off. I think the procedure beside injection bius tu tak la begitu painful, tapi bile dengar kelentung kelentang to lagi I nebes ok. In my two previous surgery, I was 100% unconscious. So macam tak de dengar benda alah compare to this minor procedure. So I tak la rasa nebes sangat.

And taraaaa…..

Laki I ngeri tengok bini dia mata satu and the darah on the eyes bandage and so does on my tudung. Hubster mintak i to stay overnight in hospital afraid there will bleeding tengah malam kang. Ofkos I tak mo admitted kan, bek I ddk rumah in law bersenang lenang.

So as result, ill be on medical leaves for one week y’all. But, masih lagi kena working from home. Tapi tak kisah la, I log in at 9am ke 10am. Asalkan I buat keje I kan.

Well, as promised before, let me start with what a basic makeup one should owned.

Seriously, dalam donia mekap ni there is no such rules and regulation. Takde pun salah kalau ko pakai eyeshadow as blusher ke or sewaktu dengannya. But just nak bagi u guys a basic guideline what u shud owned for start based on my findings.

Well, before you guys put on your makeup, its best that you do the essential-trio. You got me right? Cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin. Once this essential-trio siap, you may proceed with “hello gorgeous!”. So this is makeup gadgets I think you should owned to have those flawwwwlesss makeup results.

1. Face Primer

2. Concealer

3. Foundation

4. Loose Powder

5. Eye shadow based/Eye primer

6. Eyeliner

7. Mascara

8. Lippy

9. Blusher

10. Face spray/mist or whatever people may call it.

1. Face primer.

Why you need face primer? – A face primer is one of the best ways to insure your makeup stays on longer. They pamper the skin and create a protective barrier. Primers are excellent for people with combination to oily skin. Just apply after moisturizer and let it sink into the skin for a few minutes, and carry on with your regular foundation routine.

So, basically primer ni bertindak untuk hold your foundation. So your foundation will stay much longer, wont cakey or chalky and at least tidak luntur very soon. Its very good to use untuk org mesia. Sebab cuaca kat mesia cepat buat kita berpeluh and foundation wont last that long. Dah tu takkan asyik2 nak tempek foundation setiap sejam kan?

What I used? – Currently I’m using NYX HD Primer. For the price I paid, this primer was totally awesome. It holds my foundation the longest possible around 6-7hours. Remember my raya drama? I tried to put on again my Maybelline Foundation together with this primer. The results? I change my mind as the foundation won’t that bad. At least it last longer that before.

My wish list – of course I planned to own one of those so famous Lauria Mercier foundations. But not until I’m pro to put on the makeup gadjets la kan. So next in my wish list is Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder. This monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder is not design for face primer. It’s actually dedicated for relief & Prevents Chafing on skins. But due to the ingredients used in this Monistat is actually the same ingredient use in those high end face primer. You heard me girls! So, that is the reason why this monistat is used for face primer and ramai gilos mekap guru kat youtube in love with this product.

Where you can get it? No, this wasn’t available in drugstore at Malaysia. So as alternative, you may purchase this from most-of-Malaysian-girls-life-savior, Ryan : http://sgdrugstore.com/

Well, Ryan doesn’t just sell those items available at his web; he also takes order for others stuff as well. I just placed order for another 3 more makeup brush and brush shampoo from him sebab that day lupa nak beli when my fren was in state. Ko ingat meknusia je pakai shampoo?



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