Friday, October 16, 2009

should i or should not?

not in my usual happy mood. why oh why??? 1) i didnt get promoted -> actually i tak harap pun 2) increment? -> was s*ck!! increment saya serupe je mcm takde increment. ok, bukan tak bersyukur rezeki tuhan. tapi saya rasa mcm, perform ke tak perform ke same je. no wonder my colleague pkl 5.30 dh cabut. unlike me yg terhegeh2 konon2 nak settle keje sampai siap. keje smpi malam. ade bos saya kisah? definitely no. increment hanyalah sekadar cover my bil phone. is it worth it? not at all. sebab bil tepon saya pun kadang2 more than that. h*ll! very very positive about looking for new job. but with my mom one and only condition, kena la akur. mama tak nak saya join goverment. can somebody tell my mom that goverment sector seperti bekerja di heaven? -a bit exagerating tapi itu lah reality nye. sangat tak membantu brides to be mcm saya. dapat je quarter bonus January ni, saya kompom chow. i lovesss my job. i lovess all the thrill that i have. i loves all the knowledge that i experienced. but h*ll. my boss wayy too much on this. i'm expecting more since my job scope expand to another area. chill aimi chill. dont spoil the precious Friday!!!



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