Saturday, October 10, 2009


Since i already use my new lappie, i'm over the moon excited transfer2 gambar from our D60 to lappie. Remember my review on makan kambing during fasting month at Kg.Pelet, Bukit Mertajam? yes, both incik tunang and i had several trips to this restaurant few times after the makan2 beramai dengan geng sekerja. here you go the pics:
Perut kenyang...
Menu of the day : 1) Sup kambing -memang best gler 2) Nasi Beriyani kambing for me and nasi ayam kampung for incik tunang 3) Hot kambing milk for me & incik tunang 4) fresh orange and apple juice for us. and the result? burppppp...and another day miss to tarawikh. ahahah... tapi the good thing about this restaurant, ada provide mini surau so that kita leh sembahyang maghrib... restaurant rating : 4.5 star

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