Friday, May 1, 2009

J-card day!

Yeahh! 3 entry in a day...i was damn excited nak citer about last night.
Last nite saya dan incik hafiz telah pergi ke J-Card day sale. its really a H.E.A.V.E.N. i love it so much!!!
5.15pm sharp i left my office..weee..nak tgk i balik awal its really like once in a blue moon. i kan pekerja berdedikasi seantero Infineon tu. Then straight away heading to Penang bRidge. sampai penang bridge as always jln jam mcm nak gler. So, i ngambik kesempatan ini utk ZzzZzzzZzzz...
Celik2 je dah half an hour and we just half-way atas bridge. wahh,,,sgt menguji kesabaran. nasib la driver terhormat saya incik hafiz ni amat penyabar ketika memandu. (serious, he never honk at people!!) then i cepat2 bgn and apply powder, betulkan tudung and kuatkan radio utk kembalikan mood utk shopping kejap lagi.
Reached at Jusco queensbay at 7pm sharp. time tu dieorg tgh happy hour comforter yg sgt cntek! its a thai silk comforter with retail price RM800+. Managed to get good bargain during happy hour and we just grab and grab and grab...
Then hafiz went to men's dept while i pegi ke ladies. We practiced this all the time's so that both of us have our own time&space to shop!
The best thing about this J-card day, Padini Concept shop next to it also joined this sale. so kalau ade j-card we can get additional 20% off. say currently the shirt is 50% 0ff then add another 20% and the shirt is down to 70%. its really a good bargain. and again, i swipe my VISA!!! weee... tak mo tgk bil nanti. takut!!!! i bought 6 shirts, undies, nighties, comforters & pillows while hafiz bought 4 shirts, short and undies!
After penat shopping and jusco pun dah nak tutup, we go to redeem counter. So, whatever we purchased that night we will get voucher. RM10 voucher for every RM100 yg di spent. And i got RM50, sendiri kira la brape byk both of us dh spent.. jeng...jeng..jeng...

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