Friday, May 1, 2009

heading to SEARCH concert!

Yeaaaaa....Hafiz managed to get the ticket to the SEARCH concert. Frankly, i'm not a "search" big fan pun, so do Hafiz. There is few times i ajak hafiz to go for concert which obviously most of the concert kat Bkt jalil. i'm dying to go to the Raihanna concert the other day but u know, northern and KL its not that near. So, bg mengubati ketagihan di hati, last nite after penat2 balik shopping hafiz ring me : Hafiz :"dear, u noe wut, SEARCH buat concert kt seberang jaya tomorrow night: me: "wow...thats cool, nak gi tak? " Hafiz : "ok, jap lagi i online and i beli ticket" and thats it! quite impulsive kan? so, finally we ARE GOING to a concert! tak kire la concert ape pun. so, tomorrow hafiz akan heading back to Kulim from his kampung earlier. hihihi... nak gi awal la so leh duduk depan. by the way, i dont noe much of SEARCH songs pun. =(



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