Sunday, August 15, 2010

missing the other half..

send him off to terminal bukit jalil at 8:30am today. manage to hold my tears until i safely reach home (afraid that my vision will be so blur to drive home). i miss him terribly. felt like missing him is my new hobby. the best thing ever happen in my life is to married him. felt a bit reluctant as he was soooo looking forward to teman me utk buat the buttercake last night, but i'm just too exhausted after the tarawikh. on last friday we manage to had our 1st bukak puasa together as hubby n wifey. sempat la masak butterprawn, bawal masak sambal n goreng sayur and also sup cendawan. i kinda enjoy duduk dirumah dan memasak la plak. wahahaha.. collect baju melayu hubby and my very last bju raya utk thn ni. alhamdullah. my baju is perrfect. just bju hubby a bit besar since hubby a bit susut now compare b4 kahwin

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