Friday, July 30, 2010


you just can't wake up in the morning hoping that today will be as good as yesterday
you just cant pray that today will be as sunny as yesterday since rain may come in between
you have to stop thinking that your boyfie will be the same person once you married him
you just cant figure out why on earth your husband is treating you in such way and wishing he never did so
you just cant stop your heart being broken by others as its something soooo unforseen
you just dont know how much people might hurt because of your words and also same in return
you just hoping that you have one big happy family and everyone is grinning untill its aches but in reality its just ordinary family with a lots of arguments,tears, and joy

my wood swing 360 degrees today. blame the pms!
everything seems not in place.
my works is piling sky high and i need to leave on time today since i will be carpooling with my fren to north.
hubby seems so irritating today which needs me to end the conversation without saying goodbye.

why everything doesnt turn out the way i wanted it to be?

i hate this!

and pls get me that i will be no longer need to deal with this PMS *good excuse wasnt it?*


L3N said... [Reply to comment]

wah rilek2...muka akan berkedut kalo tensi2 slalu ehheh..
InsyaAllah ada rezeki ko dpt baby cuma lambat kot...
cm jiran aku gila lama dia kawen...
pas tuh akhirnya pberanak jugak dan la nih 2nd baby is coming..
ecewah pjg lak citer aku senah..
tp tu la conclusionnya rezeki tuh ada suma cpt atau lambat jek..
sekian...DOktor pakar puan yg x jadik

.:Mrs Hafiz:. said... [Reply to comment]

ahahhaha....aku dh dpt byngkan pressure yg bakal aku kecapi time raya nanti. sure hell makcik2 kat kampung bapak aku tu tanye.
perlukah aku jawab, i'm not pregnant, i'm just fat!!!


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