Monday, June 1, 2009

Saya dan pertunangan saya

Hi, my name is Aimi and i'm officially engaged to Mohd Hafiz bin Ahmad Fauzi yesterday at 4.10pm. ulang suara, OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!!! fuh..sangat lega rasanya hanya tuhan je tau. tak sempat nak upload pic as i'm sill di rumah bonda. alhamdulillah. everything turn out to be okay as planned. before amly hafiz dtg hujan heavily outside. all the table yg dh di decorate a bit hancus. my mama caka this is because i kecik kuat nangis. thats why la ujan time engagement. thanks pada insan2 yg sms congratulares me and kpd kawan2 yg sudi dtg. sangat2 hectic. penat tahap gaban. and at this hour my house sill under WIP (Work in progress) condition. Luckily i've been blessed with my mama yg sgt creative, my ayah yg ikutkan aje la permintaan saya dan mama... my akak and abg-abg terchenta yg sangat membantu to make it happen. and above all, all my aunts, uncles, and cousins yg dtg all the way from seantero malaysia and siap tidur lagi kat my house. sangat2 bersyukur!!!! and from my incik hafiz side, saya sangat2 berterima kasih gak coz all of them sgt sporting!!! need to get back to kemas2 barang. nak balik kulim at 3pm today. once i reached home i will upload all the pics.. muahxxx



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